Old Salem Museums and Gardens Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Old Salem Museums and Gardens are a wonderful walk in times past in the heart of beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Taking the children to Old Salem Museums and Gardens has long been on our homeschool list. Truly, it is an ideal field trip encompassing so many aspects of American history and culture of another era.

Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC A. Butner Hat Shop© by CarolinaMama

This Summer we got to visit Old Salem and explore on our getaway to Winston-Salem, NC.  It was pretty magical and we must have timed it perfectly because we avoided the weekend and Summertime crowds. It was our little "Staycation" getaway right her in beautiful and wonderful North Carolina.

You, too, can enjoy the magic of Old Salem.

"Experience early American history in the unique Moravian settlement of Salem. Original structures, gardens, tours, artifacts, hands-on workshops, fun family events and shopping."

Much of the original character has been retained for a full historical experience.  Look at the beautiful Town of Salem. 

Old Salem by CaroilnaMama ©

"In 2006, Old Salem changed its name to Old Salem Museums & Gardens – to better reflect the increasing importance of the garden program and to clearly distinguish that there are multiple experiences available within the Old Salem district.  What used to just be known as “Old Salem” was also renamed the Historic Town of Salem, again for clarity purposes."

It was a bit like Little House on the Prairie to see the old times and hear about the limited use of sugars back in the day. Everything is so authentic. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama ©

I love the old American furniture, now antiques to our time.  The blue and white china is reminiscent of the era. 

The staff was kind and allowed me to share their photos throughout. Here is the original and antique door knocker in Old Salem. The children love the way they dressed in the dress of the times.

Here is a typical scene of the old square of the Town of Salem.  You must see and 
experience the culture.

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

"Today the museum site operates with more than 200 employees, a thriving retail department, a book publishing arm, a research center, and more than 11 gardens.  The site also has a new focus on renting its numerous meeting spaces to local businesses and for special events, including weddings."

We loved the thriving retail stores throughout Salem. We LOVED the Hat Shop - A. Butner Hat Shop. 
And we have souvenirs to remember the good time. The handmade Fedora's and Fisherman's Hat. 

A. Butner Hat Shop by CarolinaMama ©

They shopped a little with Mom. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

I loved capturing this example of the culture preserved at the Old Salem Tavern where we had a most delightful and authentic lunch after our excursion. I will be sharing separately about our dining 
at the family owned and operated Old Salem Tavern. 

Old Town Tavern by CarolinaMama©

The food at Old Salem Tavern was incredible. We were honored to be served by the 
son and grandson of the owners. As you can see, the portions were plenty and the 
flavor delicious!  We loved the ambiance of times gone by.
Old Salem Tavern by CarolinaMama©

The T. Volger Gunsmith Shop was quite entertaining... as you can see. 

T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

It was an unassuming little building that had all of the Old Salem character of gunsmithing. 

T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

Our boys saw the men actively making the guns from scratch which included a carefully chiseled 2x4 wood. The gunsmith men were very helpful and knowledgeable. We so appreciated this. 

T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

As a Fashionista, I was fascinated with the handmade shoes. These are beautiful. The Shultz Shoemaker Shop  is open and actively making fine quality and personally fit shoes today. You may order your own unique pair at the shop. 

Old Salem Shoemakers by CarolinaMama©

Here is a fabulous illustration of the handmade Silver made at Old Salem. Look at the small piece of silver at the left in the tray. See the progression as it is made into a silver spoon. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

Here is one of my favorite photos of the Old Salem Museums visit. American Beauty. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama© 

Our boys are accomplished Chess players so they were intrigued with this age old chess set in the Men's Room at one of the Museum's.  You can see the excitement! 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

It was hard to not want to let them sit down and have a seat and play Chess. This is a museum so we just dreamed..... 
Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

Our boys love the outdoors. And tree climbing! So, I did let them be kids and play in the trees. This is actually the site of the original Krispy Kreme Donut Shop! North Carolina proud! 

Saving one of the best for last, dessert! Remember the world famous Old Salem Baking Shop where the renown Moravian Cookies are always a favorite.  We even have a Winkler Sugar Cookies Recipe to share! :) 

Winkler Sugar Cookies Old Salem, NC 

You can purchase your own on your visit to Old Salem. Or, you can order online here at Old Salem Baking Shop. 

You will be glad you made the time and the memories at Old Salem. There is truly something for everyone! Dad was working hard at his conference in Winston-Salem, so next trip, Dad is going with us. He will love it, just as you will.

Modern Mamas and Sons can truly enjoy Old Salem!  Go check it out! :) 

CarolinaMama and Twins ©

I hope you can visit Old Salem soon.  In fact, check out Old Salem at Christmastime.

"Take a guided tour by candlelight through the Historic District where the customs and traditions of Christmas in Salem will be brought to life through all of your senses. The evening will include music, games, food & drink, and interacting with our staff to create your own special memories. During the tour you will visit the first family home in Salem, that of Matthew Miksch, the 18th Century Salem Tavern Museum, and the 19th Century home of John Vogler."

Old Salem at Christmastime by OldSalem©
 Follow this link to Old Salem at Christmastime. 


Warmly, Carolina Mama

Visit Old Salem Winston-Salem, NC 

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Old Salem Museums and Gardens. All opinions are my own. 

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