Vivace Raleigh, Best Italian Cuisine in North Hills NC

Vivace North Hills Raleigh, NC
by CarolinaMama

Vivace Raleigh is a North Hills neighborhood favorite. We were thrilled to check it out. We wanted to taste and see the great Italian food for which they are known. For me, this presented a fabulous Girls Night with my Auntie. The men in my life were at Summer Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains so the girls had a night out in North Hills reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The atmosphere was inspiring and comfortable.

The food was incredible.  When the Chef heard we had arrived, he concocted the most incredible Clams and Prosciutto and a gravy and polenta. We were delighted and our tastes tantalized all at once. We immediately named the new dish something like a Mediterranean Calms and Polenta like the Southern Shrimp and Grits but more flavors and rich body. Amazing. 

Salads were spectacular and vibrant.  The Goat's Cheese and the Farmer's Market Tomatoes were incredible. We LOVE that the Chef shops for vegetables and seasonal herbs, fruits, etc. at the North Hills Farmers Market! This is Farm to Table. The flavor proved it. 

Even the decor was elegant and relaxing. We had to compliment the Chef and Manager on that fact that Vivace was a fun place to visit and linger. Everyone was having a grand ole evening. No quick dining here. And the music was at a perfect level. Conversation and laughter are encouraged not drowned out. :) 

Auntie had the most amazing Swordfish in an Italian bean and sauce that was divine in its own right. That is the thing about Vivace, every dish and side dish was unique and flavorful! We LOVED it! 

My dish was SO fun! I couldn't resist the whole grilled fish with all of the Mediterranean olives, tomatoes, and everything good to accentuate the white fish. A Mediterranean Sea Bass! 
I was not afraid of the full fish because my Daddy. He raised us fishing and cleaning fish. Now, I enjoy avoiding the cleaning fish but you know, I can do it and I certainly appreciate it. :) This was so pretty! 

The outstanding Manager John, was active serving guests all evening. He shared about the menu. Made Cappuccinos, delivered meals and cleaned the dining room. You really got that Vivace is a team effort. We were well served. 

The Tiramisu and Biscotti was delicious. We really needed a sweet chocolate bite after the incredible meal. Really, we just wanted to stay. Viviace is the type restaurant where you experience dining, great customer service, fabulous food, and the ambiance. Vivace is happy to have you enjoy the experience. No rush here. We so appreciate that. With a New Orleans upbringing in some of the finest restaurants around, we really loved the leisurely evening or exquisite food and fare. 

The Manager, John, made his own Cappuccino's for us as a night cap after the Tiramisu.  
Again, we felt like we were in Italy. These were the perfect recap. 

Vivace is the type place where you can plan a dessert and cappuccino night. 
The patio outside is comfortable and a perfect setting for a date night. 

Cappuccino at Vivace North Hills Raleigh

Thank you Vivace! We will see you soon!  When you visit, make a reservation on the Vivace website and enjoy!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vivace Raleigh. All opinions are my own. 

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