Chuy's North Hills Green Chile Festival August 17th - September 6th

Chuy's North Hills Raleigh is a TexMex destination. Our family loves Chuy's food, atmosphere and the customer service. We had a great time helping kick off the Chuy's Green Chile Festival here in Raleigh. We were delighted to celebrate with them.

Fat Daddy's Green Chile Enchilada

You can see why we loved it. Boulder Mt. Man found a favorite in the Fat Daddy's Green Chile Enchilada. It was his favorite thing. The flavors and variety were what he loved. Spinach, Mushrooms, Cheese, Grilled Chicken - a nice blend. A few jalepenos always make it great.

So, if you are local, here's what you're looking for in North Hills. And there is ample free parking right across from the front door of Chuy's.

Chuy's North Hills Raleigh 

Chuy's keeps it fun all the time. Here, they have it decorated for the Green Chile Festival and with lots of Summer love on the patio. This keeps the kids happy and the parents.

 We love the fun and festive atmosphere at Chuy's.  We enjoy the fun spirit. Chuy's is great for family dinners. There is a lot of food which is great for a family with teen boys! :)  Chuy's is great for celebrations and business lunch or dinners 

The Green Chile Festival tee shirts were a surprise to us. We left as team #GreenChileFest 

Our #GreenChileFest started like this with Chuy's homemade Guacamole and a spicy jalepeno ranch dip, a teen approved and loved queso dip and their spicy and excellent salsa!  Gracia! 

Chum's Green Chile Festival Aug. 17th - Sept. 6th, 2015.

I loved the Combo Fajitas! These were grilled and marinated to perfection.  Look at the this! Sizzling with all the flavors and onions and peppers. Add the handmade tortillas ....

The Crispy Tacos were Classic and a teenagers favorite.  He prefers the meat blend with the Mexican cheeses and lettuce. 

Cheese Quesadillas with all of the fixings were grilled just right with the handmade tortillas. 

Another great glimpse of the incredible fajitas with accompaniment. Just so you know, the leftovers heat up nicely for dinner! :) 

Here you can see how fun and eclectic the Chuy's atmosphere is. This is "our" booth. :) I still cannot believe our boys are getting so grown. High School. We love good times, food and fellowship together like at Chuy's. 

Look at the handmade Tortillas being made in house at Chuy's every day. 

"A fresh tortilla is the key to any great Tex-Mex meal. Here at Chuy's, we have our very own tortilla experts that hand-roll your tortillas all day long at our authentic comal. They make the dough from scratch every morning and roll each and every flour, corn and blue corn tortilla that you enjoy." 

We do love the different dynamics at Chuy's North Hills. Their patio is great and is adjacent to the MidTown Green at North Hills. Concerts are held here and other entertainment. 

#GreenChileFest Chuy's North Hills @CarolinaMama
Chuy's North Hills Patio 

 One of the rooms at Chuy's had a fun hubcap collection. Mine were intrigued.  The lighting was fun. Enjoy the great atmosphere and homemade Tex-Mex established in Austin in 1982.

We love all of the sauces and extra flavors at Chuy's. You will find unique flavors and menu items alone with unique service and decor. 

Remember to go when you can check out the Green Chile Festival August 17th to September 6th.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Chuy's North Hills, Raleigh, NC. All opinions are our own. 

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