George Foreman Contact Roaster and Cook Book

The George Foreman Contact Roaster created this fabulous Steak, Mushroom and Onion saute! 

We are loving the NEW George Foreman Contact Roaster.  This has been so easy to use and handy, too. We first tried the Flank Steak Recipet and it was so moist and simple to make. The Roaster cooked them just right in only 13 minutes. Also, we made delicious sides on the removable baking tray that is few inches deep. It cooked nicely above the Steaks. So, it all was ready at once. 

"Discover the magic of 360° Cooking! The George Foreman™ Contact Roaster can take the place of a roaster, a slow cooker, and even a large oven. It heats and seals from all sides to make food moist and delicious—just imagine the taste of a whole chicken that’s been roasted in its own juices! And chicken is just the start. Make seafood, stew, soup, desserts, and more! The multi-purpose baking pan gives you a bunch of cooking options and the included recipe book features tasty dishes you’ll go back to time and time again.  
  • Unique 360° Cooking
  • Removable Baking Pan
  • Fat-Draining Slope
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Digital Display
  • Recipe Book"

It is nice that you have the option to Roast a Chicken or Duck and you can set the timer and roast away without standing over it and rotating.  This recipe looks so good. Boulder Mr. Man is ready to make it next. This is a beautiful presentation of the Roasted Duck with a Mango Chutney Sauce. 


We love this addition.  "The Unique 360 Degree Cooking: The Contact Roaster heats and seals from all sides to make food moist and delicious! You'll be amazed!" We had fun, see. :) 

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Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by George Foreman Grill and Spectrum Brands. All opinions are my own. 

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