Hanes Undercover Color #undercovercolor

Hanes, Hanes, Hanes!  I LOVE my Hanes.  And this latest fun #UnderCoverColor Campaign totally has me happy.  

Hanes sent me a lovely little care package of the Hanes UndercoverColor  goodness going on now.  Besides my loving all things Hanes, I really love the latest of the Comfort Flex Bras and the UndercoverColor  undies.  And I fell for the soft, colorful, Live. Love, Color Tee Shirts.  Mine was a fabulous Citrus Lemon Lime.  

As for Undies, is it any surprise my #undercovercolor is Pink! :)  I love this feminine, girly and beautiful color.  Hanes keeps it fun. 

Yes, I tweeted it.  You know the Hanes Comfort Crew rolls like that. 

And since I "live" in the Hanes Bandinis, I am thrilled to try out the latest Bandinis including the latest one with a little extra support.  This one looked just as fabulous as the original. 

Love my Hanes Comfort Undercovercolor Bandinis and Undies

The Hanes UndercoverColor  Bandidi is great for: 

1) Every day work out - Pilates, Walking, Weight Training, Yoga and I have doubled the Bandinis for a job in the past;

2) These are great for Nursing Moms, they are the perfect support for during the night; 

3) These are awesome for racer back outfits and narrower (around the shoulders) tops; No straps gapping out; 

4) they can be worn STRAPLESS!  Hallejuiah.  This is one of my favorite wears of the Bandini. I love this layer for strapless sundresses and halter tops. WIN! and

5) And these are fabulous Camisoles. Seriously, why wear a full camisole in the Summer when you are avoiding the deep "V" dip in your dress, the Bandini covers you just right and looks so natural. 

Thank you Hanes for a perfect Bandini and the colors are too fun!  

Again, the Live, Love, Color Tees are SO SOFT and they move with you for active wear. Love it!  Thanks Hanes!  We love you, too! 

My Hanes Undies are super soft, colorful and fun.  They also keep their shape which is extra fabulous. 

Hanes Comfort forever, undercover, of course. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Hanes.  I am an enthusiastic member of the Hanes Comfort Crew.  All opinions are my own. Hanes.com

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