Restaurant Review: Los Tres Magueyes, a Favorite Mexican Restaurant

No secret we love our partnership with  We look forward to checking out new restaurants and visiting some of our old favorites like Los Tres Magueyes.  This time we tried a different Los Tres locale and we were just as pleased.  That's a thumbs up.

See, even the whole family was smiling after this lunch out. We loved the atmosphere, as always.  It is a fun and lively place to eat.  See the fun colors on the walls.

We liked it so much for the atmosphere, Boulder Mt. Man and I got our own photo. Thanks Tigers! 

We Love the Los Tres Chips and Salsa.  These come with your meal and are nice and fresh and warm. 
WE love the salsa that is always fresh.  We tried the Guacamole and it was fabulous. 

Next, I ordered my absolute favorite Mexican Meal, the Cheese Enchiladas. 
At Los Tres, they are always so cheesy and hot and taste like the best in the world! 

Here is another little secret about the restaurant, I love their Rice and Beans as much as a meal. I have often thought if I had more self control, I could just chose the Rice and Beans as my meal.  Cravings for Cheese Enchiladas win! 

The service at Los Tres at all three locales we have tried is fabulous. They are friendly, the service is quick and they are quick.  This makes it one of our favorites.  

So what more could you ask for, fresh, friendly service, great tasting food and the price is right. 
With, we got more value for an already inexpensive meal out. 

Great food and fun!  

See you next time! 


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