eBay Holiday Gift Shop Sweepstakes and Gift Guide

Holiday is a beautiful time of year.  I love when I am all organized and ready to share it with the ones I love.  So I was totally jazzed this year when eBay launched the awesome eBay Holiday Gift Shop and Sweepstakes!  It is so easy to use.  Here's a glimpse at one of my favorites.... 

Thanks to eBay, things are organized and ready for you or your children to explore.  And eBay is known for keeping it fun for their Buyers and Sellers.  They are offering a Sweepstakes Winner everyday.  So you have double incentive to get organized and shopping.  The eBay way!  With eBay I LOVE that you can shop anytime and anywhere with their awesome eBay Mobile APP! 

Here's a peak at 10 Gifts I've found for different people in my life. 

1)  You know we're Apple heads. :) Thanks Steve Jobs.  So yes the iPhone 5.  I would give this to lots of Android "sufferers." :)

2) Chuck Taylors.  Yes, classic is good for lots of people in our lives. 

3) Leap Pad Explorer for the little ones in our lives. 

4) Steve Madden Black Patent Toe Ballet Flats.   Fabulous for your Fashionista. 

5) Baby Bullet Baby Care. I hear these are the complete jam for Moms.  This Twin Mom could have used this "back in the day." 

6) Patagonia is awesome for everyone. 

7) iHome is always a great gift.  And look at the great prices for everyone. 

8)  Lands' End Clothing is always a Win in our home.  Check out the great pricing and enter to Win the Sweepstakes. Every day someone wins. :)

9) Black and Decker Cordless Drill is always a win.  These are used more than you imagine. 

10) drum roll.... yes the 4th Gen. iPad.  These manage my life!  Told you we were apple heads and converting our family and friends. :) 

So what is stopping you from making your list. Entering the Sweepstakes and being organized this Holiday. 

The eBay Holiday Gift Shop Sweepstakes if the perfect place for you to create a gift lift, for your child or yourself. :)  Everyone who enters will be entered to win an item on your lucky person's list!  Each day eBay will award an item from a lucky person's list. Or, Entrants can also win eBay gift cards! Those rock! 

Hope you enjoy and that you score some eBay savvy finds and that some of you win one day on the Sweepstakes.  Merry Christmas early. :)  Did you like my Gift List?  What's your top item? 

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  I am an eBay Parent Panelist.  I was hired by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay for this Holiday Post. Enjoy.  The opinions are all my own.

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