Shadeleaf Studios Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina - Best Photography for Holiday and More

Family Christmas Cards are one of my favorite things about Christmastime!   We LOVED our session with Shallyse of ShadeLeaf Studios here in North Carolina.  Look at this awesome pictures and fun she captured with our family!  Too fun!

This really depicts our family:  A Volleyball, Basketball, and Football and Mom with her Fashion Ear Rings!  This was totally impromptu.  And it worked.  Shallyse totally gets your family in your element.

Then she got the Tigers and Me!  Love this.  They were so excited. 

love what  she can do  with pictures

 These are Timeless beauty.

 Love this of my Prince!  So perfectly relaxed and smiling, life is good! 

You have most likely seen this one around, too! :) 

She is patient and creative in her approach and ideas! 

Profiles and candid smiles are Shallyse's specialty.

You may have seen these around my social networks.  This became my LinkedIn photo in a more professional way.  This tint is more year round has has been great for my profiles.

This one has been fun for Christmas Cheer! 

Here she had us so relaxed, I think it shows the love of our family in such a priceless way.

She captured my love and me in a picture frame.  All of her work is so natural.  And look at her studio. We have had several friends want to have our props or rather, Shallyse's props.

Check out more of Shallyse's great work at ShadeLeaf Studios Facebook Page.  You'll be hooked!  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*This post is sponsored by Shade Leaf Studios. 

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Katja of Skimbaco said...

What wonderful photos! Your personalities really shine through, we miss you all.