Rayovac Better Hearing and Speech Month!

When the Twins were in utero, folks would tell us what the dangers of birthing twins were. One thing they would mention is hearing loss... among other things.   Thankfully, the twins were born healthy and hearing.  However, I'll never forget or take it for granted.  Especially because now days, someone near and dear to us has a young daughter with a speech and hearing problem.

Today, I do not take it for granted.  Rayovac Powers You Up!  And also Empowers You to Honor Others!

Now, keep the fun and excitement going.  Rayovac wants to acknowledge "Better Hearing and Speech Month!"  So check this out.

Hearing loss affects over 34 million Americans including 3 million children.  This condition deeply affects the life of those who have it and the people in their lives.  Please join us and Rayovac this month to help spread the word about hearing disorders.    
For more information about Better Hearing and Speech Month 

Rayovac is in search of the 2011 Hearing Professional of the Year.  
The Hearing Professional of the Year nomination gives patients an opportunity to thank and reward their Hearing Professional by recognizing them for making a difference in their lives.   
Please vote for your favorite hearing professional.

Check out Voting details, award info and a Rayovac Hearing Aid Coupon under the “Hearing Aid Batteries” tab on the left sidebar of the Rayovac Facebook Page.

Also, Rayovac does an awesome job of honoring those among us who give to others.  Earlier this month, they just hosted (ends today!) the Teachers's Bring Science to Life for a Winner!   You can nominate your favorite teacher for this award!

Do you have your own story of hearing and speech issues to share?  Is there someone in your life you'd like to nominate for the Hearing Professional Award by Rayovac?

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

CarolinaMama is a Rayovac Power Blogger.

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