Nancy Cooper's Husband Charged of Murder - Domestic Abuse Gala Tonight

Thursday Brad Cooper was found guilty of murdering his wife, Nancy.  Earlier this week, after an eight-week trial, a jury unanimously convicted Brad Cooper of murdering his wife Nancy.

Here's how I remember ...

Three years ago, I wrote about it here.  

Lots of us are still baffled at how this can happen.  An educated all American family who had the advantages a great job, home, community and family.  Then the evidence began to come in. Unthinkable.

Then these precious little girls were 2 and 4 years old.  Now, they are 5 and 8.  Thankfully they have an amazing family and Nancy's Twin sister has been raising them in their native Canada.

Please pray for this family and for that of Brad Cooper's. It was most touching to me to read that Nancy's parents extended condolences to Brad's parents after the verdict. That takes courage and compassion.

Tonight there is a Domestic Abuse Gala in Nancy's honor to benefit the Nancy's Butterfly Fund - which helps other women in domestic abuse and violence homes.  I hope many are helped.

And our prayers go out to the family and especially the precious girls who don't have their mommy ... or their daddy.  Praying for their family that is raising them now.

Be extra thankful this Mother's Day! God Bless!

100 % of tonights proceeds of the "Nancy Cooper Domestic Abuse Gala" will go to the Butterfly Fund in Nancy's honor and to help other women get out of domestic abuse violence situations.

Warmly,   Carolina Mama

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