Oprah's Farewell & Maria Shriver For President

Maria Shriver For President!

Really y'all!  Maria has always been an exceptional Journalist, Author, Leader in her own right.  So now that we know arnold is not worth his salt.  It's Maria Shriver For President!

Maria had nothing to hide and look at how glamorous she looked tonight at Oprah's Farewell Show in Chicago tonight!

Love all of her personal aspects on her website Maria Shriver.com.   She is a devoted Mom and Advocate.

I love that she adores Poetry.  So hey, I'd vote for Maria Shriver for President any day over most of the Presidential candidates to date.  arnold has to live with himself.... 

arnold also ignores regular Biking safety and example: wear a helmet dude. Better yet, maybe if he knocks his noggin, he might gain a little sense.  ugh.  big and stupid 

Suppose you can tell infidelity is not my thing. 

What are your thoughts on arnold?  Better yet, thoughts on: 

Maria Shriver for President! :) 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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Beth in NC said...

LOL ... you are too funny! I can hear Arnold now, "I'll be baaaccckkkk" -- ok, you know -- from the movie?

She is a beautiful woman and I pray she will lean on the Lord in this season. I'm so sorry that satan has yet again stolen another marriage and divided a family. So sad.

President? I don't know. :o)