Recharge Tools: Rayovac and Blissdom

Honestly, I cannot believe it is January 28th! 2011 has been an awesome year already. And she is very promising. Here we are in the middle of Winter and I have gotten to get away for a little recharging. Here are my recharge tools! Bliss at Blissdom!! Recharge with Rayovac!

We are here at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

And Blissdom knows how to treat the ladies. The MomBloggers are getting the first class treatment and pampering. We're talking manicures, massages, awesome Speakers to rejuvenate your life with like BreneBrown!

As a Rayovac Power Blogger, when I recharge, Rayovac powers me! Seriously, I have been spoiled with the most amazing "Go Green" Rechargeable Batteries! So yes, when I recharge Rayovac helps me!

Like this weekend, we're here at Blissdom at the Conference, do you know how awesome it is to have no stress over my batteries. Yes, I have my Rayovac USB port recharger with me. So I can recharge myself and my batteries all at once! Golden!

Would you like to recharge on Rayovac? That's right! Rayovac is offering an awesome Football Party Package on the Rayovac Facebook Page. You could win the Gridiron Giveaway! And Recharge while cheering for the Packers vs. Steelers! Who's your team?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Rayovac Power Blogger. I recharge with Rayovac and Blissdom because I love them! :)


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MountainMan said...

Go Steelers! What an awesome idea Rayovac came up with on that particular product!

Net Strand said...

What a cool way to get a recharge. Your trip sounds like fun.

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