Fashion Friday: Spring Mom Fashion - the Midi Skirt

Spring, Spring... wherefore art thou?! 

We're all starting to dream of light Springy days where flowers and sunshine abound!  Enter the fun Friday Fashion Spring Mom Fashion!  The "Midi Skirt!"  Look what a Mom can do to her fashion with a cute skirt! :)  Really! 

Finally, a skirt with a little  coverage  length! :)  Moms and daughters get happy - you can still be cute and in style with a longer skirt.  I, along with Vicki Courtney and millions of others, am thrilled for this fashion sense!  Look how beautiful and simple these looks are.  Fashion can be achieved in no time.

Anthropology knocks it out of the park with this whimsical design.  Think simple tee and ballet flats for a on-the-go fashionable look!

These In Style looks are classic. 

Another Anthropology great.

This Ann Taylor Loft was so Spring like I get happy looking at it.  I'd add a cute baby pink tee and a, what else, long necklace and Voila you are fashionable!

... and a little animal print always goes a long ways for fashion and style!

I am keeping this in mind as I work up my Mom Fashion Style for MomBlogging Conferences! :)  think Blissdom Conference 2011!  I am so excited!  Get ready for it. I am thinking Spring!  (Though I know it will be cold in Nashville!)  So you know, something like rocking my boots with a little "midi skirt!"  Come fashion!

What are your favorite signs of Mom Fashion for Spring?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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