Fit Friday Winter Resources! $5 Bargains

In Fit Friday news, it is January 14th, 2011!  

The East Coast, South East and even on into the South and Midwest have been kind of what we refer to as Arctic Blasted this month!  Come on Winter!  Looks like a strong 2011 if you ask me.  As side from the amazing outdoor activities, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.  Help is on the way for Moms like me who have  a normal routine to keep in this frigid time of year. 

We talked about the Shred!  It rocks.  However, I have to tell you I am not Shredding every day.  Simple.  And I like variety.  

Our brand New Year and I have some really awesome resources to share regarding in-door Winter Fitness!   

We're fans of LifeWay Christian Stores . Incredible resources at amazing prices and resources with a purpose.  I love having Christian resources to support my efforts.  

Lately, everyone is telling me about:

Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk.  She has a great reputation for results and this is done to Christian inspirational music.  I love that.  And I love the mild yet effectiveness of a walking routine.  Leslie Sansone is known for results.  And right now, this 2 DVD Set is on sale at LifeWay for $5!  

I am a long time fan of Billy Blanks!  I have done his Tae Bo since before the Twins were born.  Tae Bo rocks and Billy Blanks is funny and your real trainer right there in your living room.

This caught my eye, Tae Bo great, Billy Blanks' Believer's Workout The Strength Within !  Cannot wait to get my copy!  Billy Blanks a Christian sharing his faith and workout expertise!  What better way!  This too is available at LifeWay for $5 until January 22nd.  Check them out!

For January, I am attempting to continue moving and staying active.  It has been a tough goal these past two weeks.  They have been a great two weeks yet challenging in this department.  So not pounds or inches of loss to report.  I will check in officially tomorrow at Weight Watchers.  Love my WW Meetings.  Has any one seen the new WW commercial?  Jennifer Hudson is leading the way!

However, I am in the game and still loving my weekly Pilates classes!  Amazing indeed!

What are you doing to stay fit?  Have a fabulous week!

Blessings to you!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama


Melinda said...

I've been doing the Shred for 2 weeks and really like - but like you - I need to have variety! My sister loves the Leslie Sansone DVD's! $5 is a great price!

MountainMan said...

I had no idea Billy Blank was a Christian! Love his work outs, they really do work you out!

Melanie said...

I started "21" Meditations & Motivations to Get You Moving!
It's a plan I am writing and have offered the condensed version on my blog and on Fb. We have 23 members in the fb group page.