Greetings and Welcome to Live-Beach-Blogging "Best of Carolina"

Greetings and Welcome to Live-Beach-Blogging "Best of Carolina!"

Get ready. We're heading to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. We'll keep you posted along the way. We'll share our sponsors with you and more importantly to you, our awesome Sponsors are sharing with you through A.W.E.S.O.M.E Giveaways! It's never to late to join in so comment, grab the button/photo, share the word, Twitter, Blog and follow along. You'll be glad. And you can sing along too...

"In My Mind, I'm gone to Carolina.... can't you see the sun shining....!" That's Thanks to James Taylor "JT". We Sponsor him! ;)

Destination: The Lovely and Amazing Ocean Isle Inn, North Carolina.

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6) Ask me a North Carolina Beach question? What we're having for lunch, etc. Your pick and you get one more entry.

Good Luck all!

Now you should get lucky. That's a whole lot of opportunity. And I wish you the best because their products rock! Of course, it's fun to win too.

We'll check in once we get there. Remember to check out my Twitter for more updates @

Weather is looking good! Low 65 High 82 Partly Sunshiny :) Carolina beautiful! We're ready.

After a stop at Starbucks - our ETA is 10:00am. These are just some of the "Things I Love Thursday" this Thursday! Stay tuned for more and live photos from the Beach!

***Sponsors: You still have time to contact me regarding your product being featured for a Giveaway! @

Edited In June 1st to Enter the "Not Me! Monday!" No, I am not in denial that the lovely "Best of Carolina" LiveBlogging Beach Event has come to an end. No I am not still dreaming we're seaside listening to the waves. Anyone else in denial? Not me!

To everyone else, Thanks so much for following along its been a great adventure.


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Two Little Lambs said...

I am so jealous! I love Ocean Isle. It holds such wonderful memories for me-peeling shrimp after a long day on the beach, swimming/playing in the canal on an innnertube, and just hanging out with my grandparents. Enjoy your time...

Love Being a Nonny said...

I checked out the printing site. I LOVE the hang tags and the stickers/labels!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love Ocean Isle Beach and Holden Beach! Cute shops at Ocean Isle! Here's my question: Will you be shopping or just *beaching*? If shopping, tell me which little shop you love! I don't want there to be one I don't know about!

Smelling Coffee said...

Hey girl~ Hope you have a blast at the beach!!! Wish I could come along in real life! ;-)

Love to you and will be keeping up with your trip via blogging. Have fun and get some rest, too!

Christy said...

Have a great time and I am so jealous right now knowing that you are going to be in one of my favorite places. Our family goes to Sunset Beach which is the next beach down from Ocean Isle. While you are there you need to go to Big Nell's (there in Ocean Isle) and have some hush puppies that are to die for!!!

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Your blog is looking pretty and fabulous!
I'm grabbing your new button to display.

Have a wonderful trip!
~Melissa :)

Montee said...

Ahhhh, sounds so nice!

Carolina Mama said...

Love Being A Nonny - Shopping... we had lunch and went to a cute Gift Shop on the water. Yikes. There was a lot of Fishing and Boating gear. But they did have Eliza B's and other fun stuff.

Mainly we're a beach family - relaxing and enjoying this seclusion.