My Journey 2 Health Four Month Check-In

Happy Fall!  I am exactly at the four-month mark of my Journey to Health and am so happy to have some news to report. I stayed focused, for the most part, and worked all summer to change my lifestyle to eat well, move well and live well.  

It has been a rewarding journey so far and has been thrilling to see the success that comes with eating and moving well.

One of my favorite observations on this journey so far is that I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. This is such a mind shift for me! The educational posts in  Journey 2 Health, - along with the valuable coaching I’m receiving - are helping me to learn not just how, but why to make changes in how I  eat, move and live. It is wonderful to check-in each month with individual coaching. Because it makes more sense to me, I am motivated, and the changes are sustainable and attainable! You can choose your journey from the available plans including the individual coaching sessions here.

In the past, I have been in a battle with craving things like sugar and white flour (baking) and attempting moderation. Now, I rarely want to fill myself with these items that have no nutritional value or benefit. Yes, sugar cravings are real. Even though I have done well to eradicate the sugar in my diet, my brain remembers sugar. That’s okay, it also remembers the sugar low afterward, the mood swings from sugar highs, and the digestive discomfort of white flour and bland filler ‘foods.’

With a little reminder, I know why I am making the choices I make. Now, I enjoy seeking out healthier options rather than choosing what is quick, easy and awful for me.

I remember when our children were younger, we’d play “spot the lie” in advertising. Now, I “spot the lie” in the food industry and make a wholesome choice! For example, green labels do not always mean healthy, organic or USDA certified. I’ve found everything from “have a great day” with a green leaf label, to a green “this is recyclable paper.” We love recycling. However, the green has nothing to do with the unhealthy item in that package.

My Top Three Items on my Update:

I.  Thrilled.  I am so very thrilled and excited that I have taken this journey for the long term. One of the greatest benefits of health and wellness is feeling vital and healthy again! Take a glance at the photo above - it shows the symptoms I had back in June when I began this journey (bottom diagram - see all of the red!). Look at the symptoms for September- progress!

I’ve shared on my blog and through my podcasts about my struggle with grief and how challenges can ‘derail’ my wellness. I knew I was struggling when I joined Journey 2 Health. It was hard to accept how much I had lost my way. Yet, I knew I wanted to take this challenge. I am so thrilled I did as I have seen the weight loss, my measurements drop, and my usually low blood pressure stabilize to a normal again. These are remarkable changes in areas I was struggling in daily.

Observation: Over time, it has been pretty triumphant to see markable success all because I have been willing to stay focused on making good choices to eat well, move well and live well. The first check-in, I only lost two inches in my waist, then, the next month, I lost in my hips. It all balances out. I need to believe in the process.

II. Training. “Knowledge is power and with power comes great responsibility!”

The educational training has been empowering and invigorating! I love learning why and how to benefit my healthy living long term. The knowledge has given me the confidence to succeed rather than just read labels and chase calories, fat and carbs. Here is another incredible visual of my progress in healthy living.

These four months later, I am immensely more educated about health and wellness. The educational aspect has been so rewarding and encouraging to my commitment. The more I learn how foods positively affect my body and wellness, the more eager I am to enjoy them. The lessons I receive each week on my iPhone in the Journey 2 Health app are so informationally packed and encouraging. I love that I get a text from my nutrition and wellness coach each morning with real information that will help me.

Consistently I’ve become more active. With the lessons on my iPhone app, I can access a short video of how to move well at any time. There are exercise and workouts to be used on the go, with any amount of time. So nothing is lost. It is very freeing to know I can move well, and it will be effective, wherever I am!  Exercise is fun again!

Observation: I’ve loved being more active again! We love hiking, and  I have gone to yoga again. It challenges me and I do moves that work for me, which means I am typically a step or two behind the instructor. But at the end of the hour, my happy endorphins have kicked in and I feel dynamite so it’s not even on my radar to worry about “how fast” did I go. In the past, I was discouraged by yoga goddesses who could do everything so perfectly. Now, I consider them my allies. I have access to perfect form right next to me and that encourages me to go on and, honestly, not injure myself! :) And they are often the nicest and the most encouraging people in the class. Because as Elle Woods says, “Exercise makes you happy, happy people don’t k*ll their husbands.” Bwahahaah Really though, joy exudes joy!

III. Thankful. I’m so thankful for taking this challenge. When we work for something, we own the reward. It takes time. I am thankful I am making the time and effort to embrace this incredible nutritional, exercise and wellness information with my incredibly positive coach and team. However, the work has been mine for the taking. The rewards are great.

You can start your own team, or join a team and benefit in the same way! I love the benefit of simple and nutritious recipes with real foods. I love learning about exercise moves that are beneficial to my body and goals, and learning how to execute them injury free with articles and videos I can reference in my J2H App on my iPhone anytime.

Observation: I’m thankful I noticed that as I grocery shop for real foods, locally sourced or well-sourced, that I am willing to spend differently. I enjoy budgeting in healthier choices rather than making spontaneous unhealthy choices. I’m thankful that grocery shopping has become simple and fun. I shop more often and purchase smaller, fresher amounts. I use sales flyers to buy organics at regular prices and find better choices on sale. I used to bring home big ‘hauls’  of packaged items that are bagged and boxed. Those fill up grocery bags and carts but  leave you saying, “what’s for dinner?” “Where are the protein, fruits, and vegetables?”

Let’s Talk About Results:

So excited to report that I’m so thrilled about the metabolic and symptom screening improvements. As for inches lost: during the four months on Journey 2 Health, I’ve lost a total of four inches in my waistline! In addition, I’m down two inches in the hipline! Y’all know for a pear shape like me this is miraculous! So excited! I will carry on and I look forward to more updates here.

Guess what the scale said this morning? 20 pounds lost in these four months and three days. I am so thankful to Journey 2 Health in every way! It has been worth every effort!

It is incredibly peaceful going into the holiday season eager to make delicious and traditional dishes more healthily. I hope you’ll continue to follow along as we approach the holidays. Check out the articles page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for great recipes, exercises and more. Even better, join a team or start one of your own and experience success! Let me know if you have questions.

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Journey 2 Health. All opinions are my own. #Journey2HealthPartner

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