Jekyll Island Club Resort: Best Hotel in Georgia

Jekyll Island Club Resort: Best Hotel in Georgia 
by Southern Living 

Thankfully, the Jekyll Island Club Resort coast is clear! I'm so thankful to receive this news! We've been eager to share all of the beauty that the Jekyll Island Club Resort is and that we experienced as they hosted our family for a family travel experience this summer! It's all perfect timing because it's the ideal destination for Fall Break, Thanksgiving and even Christmas / Holiday Getaways with those you love! 

The boys were so excited to swim after driving to Georgia from North Carolina! It was the 
perfect cool down activity! :) 

First, let's get checked into our Cottage! Already, we are loving it here! 

The Jekyll Island Club is a historic hotel of America. It is so enchanting. The ancient oak trees are captivating. Of course, I grew up climbing oak trees and on Oak Street! Look at these beauties here and throughout my post. 


We loved the beauty throughout the property. It is a serene feeling to experience.


The palm trees add to the magic! Look at this view! It's the best world! 

Palm Trees on Jekyll Island Club Georgia. 

One of the most appealing things about the Jekyll Island Club is that it is so secluded and private. We love that Jekyll Island is 65% undeveloped land. When the private owners donated the land to Georgia, that was the stipulation - the land remains pure and undeveloped. You get this sense of pride right from the first step and glimpse of the island.

This distinguishes Jekyll Island from others. This Spring, Southern Living named Jekyll Island Club the Best Hotel in Georgia!  We knew why as soon as we arrived! 

We were so excited to check in! Everyone was so hospitable and busy as a bee! Loved the Southern style! 

The beautiful cold water with lemon and cucumber was so welcoming and refreshing! 

The Jekyll Island Club history is fascinating. Colonization in 1733, "General James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia and named Jekyll Island in honor of Sir Joseph Jekyll, his friend, and financier from England." 

Look at this beautiful style! HGTV would be so proud! 

The navy paint has my heart! Don't you love the etching of the resort! 

These gorgeous planters add to the ambiance. 

So, I adore this view! I took this the morning we all went to play croquet! Isn't this cool! 

The boys loved riding on the golf carts! 

We joyfully followed along and photographed! We're on the way to our cottage!

This was our Cottage! We had so much fun in this elegant and historical cottage! 

The dining at the cottage was beautiful! Love this option! We were hosted at The Grand Room so we didn't try our cottage dining. It looked beautiful! You may now book a cottage for your wedding and it is all catered and everything is magically ready for you at the resort! 

Here is the beautiful outdoor seating at our cottage. This wa so quaint and pretty.

The rooms were spacious and beautiful! The treats were welcome! :) 

Loved it so much! It had all of the beautiful features and conveniences. Such a relaxing atmosphere and the beds were so comfortable! 

Our bathroom was very spacious and accommodating! LOVED everything. 

Back to the welcome sweets! These two were ready to go swimming so they had a little snack before swimming. :)

Off they go to the swimming pool which was right near our cottage! We are still not used to our 16 year old Tigers being so grown up! Afterall, they are certified LifeGuards! So proud of them. 

Another delightful view at the cottage. 

When we stepped out to dinner, I couldn't help capturing this beautiful moment! This was our view! 

The Terrell Tribe headed to The Grand Room for an exquisite fine dining experience. 

CarolinaMama and Family at Jekyll Island Club Resort

This evening was so elegant and the food was spectacular! Look out for a separate post about the outstanding Grand Room Dining!

Here's a glimpse.... 

Jekyll Island Club Resort - The Grand Dining Room

  • Jekyll Shrimp & Grits “Multi-award winning” Georgia white shrimp & stone milled yellow grits garlic, scallions & andouille sausage

Jekyll Island Club Resort Award Winning Shrimp and Grits

Here is another glimpse at the beauty and genteel spirit at Jekyll Island Club Resort. We loved being whisked away from all of the business of everyday life. 

This memory is precious to me. We were all heading onto the front lawn for a morning of Croquet! I grew up planing Croquet in my own backyard with my family so it was another parenting moment that was so surreal. I was so happy to introduce our boys to croquet and get a good competition going. Truth be told, the boys won! We get competitive so that was a downside for me! :) 

The joy completely eclipsed the loss. Until next time, Tigers! 

Of course, I loved capturing our moments on the lawn. I'd love to go back right now and play a few games!

Clearly, the boys loved it and one lead the show! 

Us on the golf cart tour of the oaks and property. The gentlemen at valet were so accommodating and helpful. They are so knowledgeable and proud of the Jekyll Island Club Resort history! 

While we were getting the history of the Oaks and the Club, someone had a grand time climbing the oak trees! Just like his Mama did as a girl! Again, this was so endearing! I even climbed this tree - a little - with him! Treasured family time, indeed! 

We loved watching the boats pass by in front of our cottage. 

Au Revoir from the Terrells! We loved the Jekyll Island Club Resort! 
Thank you for having this Southern family. We adored your property! 

Hope you all can visit Jekyll Island Club Resort soon for your vacation getaway!

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Thank you, Jekyll Island Club Resort for hosting our family! We made forever memories and hope to see you soon!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jekyll Island Club Resort. All opinions are my own. 

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