Blaze Pizza Fast-Fired Custom Build Your Own Pizza #HollySpringsNC


On a cold winter night, we loved the opportunity to experience the new Blaze Pizza Holly Springs by the new movie theatre! 

Perfect timing, after one of our boys' basketball practices, we visited Blaze for a great dinner!

The "fast fired" pizza is incredible and all done in 180 seconds! Here's what Blaze has to say:

"Exceptional quality at lightning fast speed is what we're all about. Blaze Pizza. Head food guy, Executive Chef Bradford Kent (aka "The Pizza Whisperer"). Fresh, made-from-scratch dough. Healthful, artisanal ingredients on the assembly line. Inventive to classic. You decide. Blazing hot oven + dedicated pizzasmith + 180 seconds = fast-fire’d, perfectly crisp perfection. Sound good? Enjoy the rest of your day."

You will love all of the options at Blaze Pizza! The signature pizzas are classic basics! The healthy toppings make your pizza guilt free!

We had visited Blaze in Morrisville once before with our friends. That was a fabulous experience! My husband had the incredible BBQ Chicken Pizza.

grilled chicken, mozzarella, red onion, banana peppers, gorgonzola, bbq sauce drizzle
pesto drizzle over grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, chopped garlic, mozzarella, arugula

Build Your Own: Of course, if you would like to 'blaze your own trail,' Build Your Own Pizza! You've got all the options with this Ingredients list!  

applewood bacon • crumbled meatballs • grilled chicken • italian sausage • pepperoni • salame • smoked ham 
artichokes • arugula • banana peppers • basil • bell peppers • cherry tomatoes • chopped garlic • jalapeños • mushrooms • olives • pineapple • red onions • red peppers • roasted garlic • sautéed onion • spinach • zucchini 
goat • gorgonzola • mozzarella • ovalini mozzarella • parmesan • ricotta • vegan cheese 
classic red sauce • spicy red sauce • white cream sauce • garlic pesto sauce • pesto drizzle • bbq drizzle • olive oil drizzle • ranch • balsamic glaze • buffalo sauce 
We hope you get a chance to discover Blaze Pizzas soon! :) 

You'll want to remember the old favorites on the dessert menu at Blaze. The Double Chocolate Chip Brownies were our favorites! The S'mores were delightful and fun to enjoy indoors right before the snow storm started! The boys said the Chocolate Chip Cookie was excellent! 

Blaze Pizza Desserts - S'mores, Double Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookies 

The homemade lemonade was fabulous! I tried the Original Lemonade and the Blood Orange Lemonade. Of course, I made my favorite Arnold Palmer and it took it up a notch with homemade Blood Orange Lemonade! This may be my own signature Carolina Mama drink! :) 

Blaze Pizza Homemade Lemonades 
Hope you get a chance to check out Blaze Pizza and Build Your Own pizzas soon! You'll be back again and again! Remember, you'll likely have take home left over for another great meal at home! Blaze Pizza reheats really well in the oven!

Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blaze Pizza. All opinions are our own. 

Handmade Blaze Pizza Gluten Free Crust

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