The Produce Box, Raleigh, NC #EatLocal

Welcome to The Produce Box!  This our first The Produce Box!  We chose a basic Harvest Box! WE LOVE eating North Carolina grown produce! And we love no chemicals and freshness!  I was so delighted when The Produce Box contacted me and said invited me to try out their service. We did! We're hooked! 

The Produce Box, Raleigh, North Carolina

This is our first The Produce Box!! To say we are smitten is an understatement! We love the produce and the service!  You can see our favorite things in this Harvest Box! Organic Kale, Spinach, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Strawberries, Green Onions and Green Bib Lettuce!


Here at Carolina Mama Blog, we LOVE all things North Carolina, and one of the epitomes of North Carolina homegrown goodness is The Produce Box!  We LOVE their LOCAL produce policy The Produce Box is a well run company with a system that is fantastic to navigate! They have organic options! Look at this beautiful batch of Organic Kale!


We tried it out and were pleasantly pleased! In fact, we're now Customers! We've ordered again and we plan to continue since we had such a positive experience. The Produce Box is exactly what we have been looking for in the fresh and local department. 

"The Produce Box delivers fresh, local produce and specialty products like meats, cheese, bread and a lot more to homes and offices all over North Carolina. We bring the farmer's market to your door! You can choose what you want to order and skip a week if you need to anytime. We help our members support over 70 local farmers and give back to their communities. In the past two years, we have purchased more than 2 MILLION pounds of produce from North Carolina! Our members are helping change the food system - one table at a time!" 

My son made this delicious FRESH The Produce Box Salad!  Everything on this salad is from The Produce Box. We added the Eggs. Although, you can order fresh local eggs in your box, too! 


My absolute FAVORITE feature of The Produce Box is that YOU choose your your selection each week!  Simply SIGN UP / REGISTER for The Produce Box. 

Then, the FUN happens! 

The Membership for the year is simple and reasonably priced at $18 per year which is paid when you sign up.  That's just $1.50 a month.  Once you have signed up for the year, you get to choose your favorites each week! If you are traveling, no problem, log on and choose the Skip Week option. It is that simple. You can even go through the year in once setting and choose all of your Skip Weeks. Love this! Then, if your plans change, no problem, again! You can just add in your favorite choices for that week. Save it and you are all set with your order. This is so customer friendly! 

Once you sign up, The Produce Box will send you an email (the Friday after you join) with your first week’s menu. The weekly menu features new boxes and individual items depending on what is available and in season. Then, you get to choose your items! You can choose a box and then add or subtract items from that box customizing it to your need or want! 

The choices are abundant and feature a variety of local specialties.  We cannot wait to try this week's Goat Cheese with Herbs from Hillsborough - right here in the Triangle! 

The Produce Box delivers Recipes with your box! That way you can use for your veggies in creative and tasty ways! 

I absolutely LOVE this video on how to Zest Citrus! I love Lemons, Limes and any citrus! So, this was something that truly helped me with my cooking! I plan to add the Lime Zest to my new Avocado Salad Dressing! :)  Yum!  

SIGN UP TODAY!!!  Enjoy your Local Produce! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Produce Box. All opinions are my own. 

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