Perfect Nutella Rice Krispy Treats, It Wasn't Always This Way

Nutella Rice Krispy Treats by CarolinaMama®

Tonight, I'm Rocking the Nutella Rice Krispy Treats!  It wasn't always that way.  This may seem trivial, y'all. Let me tell you, as a young (younger) Mom, Boulder Mt. Man and I were raising Toddler Twins and I struggled with the Rice Krispy Treat. I didn't know that Esther had so much to do with my Rice Krispy Treat making abilities. 

The worst of it is that I literally judged my mothering skills and commitment by my Rice Krispy 'talent!" Seriously, I struggled with the basic Rice Krispy! I know it seems crazy since I won the 2014 Raleigh Frugal Cook Off with Food Lion and all. Then, why did I ever make a too sticky batch of Rice Krispy treats!? I remember crying over Rice Krispy Treats that were so sticky and no matter what I did, they were stuck to my clean and well-buttered hands. It was like a quick sand I couldn't get away from it, no matter what.

God only knows, and I have to tell you, He also knows He had a lesson for me to learn. It makes tonights perfect little Nutella Rice Krispy Treats all the sweeter. Tonight, these are the BEST Rice Krispy Treats in the world. They were hard earned so to speak.

Tonight is different!

In all seriousness, it is interesting to me as a Mama of these precious 15 year old! twin sons, that I worried about Rice Krispy Treats when these boys were toddlers. Where was my heart?  To be honest, I think I was inadvertently allowing the enemy to intimidate me. Furthermore, I was allowing a simple thing like getting Rice Krispy Treats perfect to indicate my mothering to our twin sons.

All of the time took my mind off of why I made the boys Rice Krispy Treats in the first place. It took my focus off of why I want to be a great Mom at all.

So, weather you are a new Mama or a Mama to teens like me, just know that the little things do not matter. I could have broken out a spoon and fed the boys the rice krispy and they would have been thrilled! It wouldn't have mattered and I would not have been distracted with the perfection of my confections.

Recently, my son and I had a night out to see our local homeschool friends put on an incredible Esther Musical Play through the Spiritual Twist Productions. It was a blessed night and I was reminded of God's call on me through Esther 4:14.

Remember with me one of my most defining "Mom" verses, in those same "young Mom years," I was moved greatly by our Pastor Jeff Clark's Mother's Day sermon on Esther 4:14. "Esther, maybe you are called to the kingdom for such a time as this." 

For some reason, as a Mom, now, Esther totally made sense to me. God spoke to me in such away like I had never heard in Esther.  For Such a Time As This. 

In fact, maybe that Mother's Day was the turning point in my perfect Rice Krispy world i.e. my perfect mothering world. As our Pastor now, will tell you it is something about which he has taught us much. So, maybe it took me a while... yet, I am SO very grateful because of tonight, I didn't even expect my Nutella Rice Krispy treats to be perfect. :)

Then, I would have had time to be so very grateful for the moments we had sticky Rice Krispy Treats or perfect Nutella Rice Krispy Treats!

What are you struggling with in the perfection and expectations department of your mothering or life? Remember what matters "for such a time as this."


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