Norwex EnviroCloth for ALL Your Kitchen Needs with Bridget Egerdahl

My friend, Bridget of Norwex Bridget Egerdahl, introduced me to Norwex Home Improvements. Norwex - Improving Your Quality of Life. Of course, I had heard the buzz and was curious what this product is all about.

Norwex EnviroCloth 

Bridget introduced me to the a couple of her favorite products. Bridget and I know each other personally, so she knows I love to cook. I cook homemade and I cook a lot for my growing family. I love that Bridget introduced me to Kitchen products

The first item I tried was the EnviroCloth. Bridget explained that it is like the "everything" cloth. It cleans everything that is not glass. I went to work in my kitchen - we are coffee connoisseurs so I went straight to the Keurig....  Here you can see - check out my before and after.

Keurig area BEFORE Norwex EnviroCloth 

Keurig area AFTER Norwex EnviroCloth

I knew I need a cleaning on that area. I did what Norwex says, a little water and wipe clean. That was it!  It even came out shiny. That is awesome. Norwex is also an anti-bacterial agent. So, it kills germs. I used it on my counter tops and various other places with equal success.

Right now, they have fun Christmas and Holiday products. This is Bridget's favorite - it is the Peppermint Antibacterial Hand Soap. Check out the wonderful products.

Norwex Peppermint AntiBacterial Hand Soap

Bridget is giving away White Elephant Gifts to those who Host a Party during December. Contact her for your own Norwex Party. You can enjoy products and earn you own. Then, your friends will really appreciate you making their lives easier with Norwex, too!  Email Bridget here:

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Norwex. All opinions are my own. 

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