Customer Service Numbers for ALL of Your Customer Service Numbers Needs

"Many companies make you work to call them. provides an easy-to-use resource to quickly find those hidden customer service telephone numbers.

Best of all, CSN provides tips to help you actually reach a live person once you call." is my go to for all of my Customer Service Numbers needs. Seriously, I LOVE that Customer Service Numbers gets me to a live person!  We all know the frustration of needing to talk with someone briefly and not being able to reach them.  Now, CSN is here to help.

I have used for several years and I love that they constantly keep up to date with the latest numbers and companies. They even are accessible and will get numbers you suggest that you are searching for any time.

"Many companies do their best to hide their customer service telephone numbers in layer after layer of web pages. Also, they make you navigate frustrating phone trees just to reach a live person. is dedicated to make those numbers front and center and easy to find. We also provide helpful tips to actually reach a live person without going through 5 or 6 steps of phone messages. 

We also offer Customer Friendly companies the opportunity to advertise their businesses on Customer Service with a premium listing that allows you to publish your number, website links, and a banner ad to promote your customer service friendly company and make it easy to find and use for your customers and your potential customers." 

Great news, if you would like a FREE basic listing on Customer Service Numbers, CSN offers free listings. Also, you can "Add A Company" here. 

Have fun getting the numbers you need and adding your company or one you are affiliated with to the CSN website.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by All opinions are my own. 

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