Spring House Restaurant of Winston-Salem, North Carolina Business, Casual and Family Dining

Spring House has long been a farm to table restaurant in the heart of lovely and vibrant Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  We were amazed at the unique dishes and flavors served. The atmosphere was splendid.

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This menu looks delicious!  Look they have an amazing Salmon with Spiced Shrimp! 

The Chef's Appetizer included Pimento Cheese so all was right with the world! This mama is happy when her Southern sons eat some great Pimento Cheese! :) 

Spring House, Winston-Salem, NC by CarolinaMama

The atmosphere was wonderful, a combination of business casual yet comfortable.  The ambiance of the Spring House Restaurant is very classy. There were business meetings, couples dating, family dinners like ours. Spring House is for everyone.
Spring House Appetizers by CarolinaMama©

The restaurant was originally a home built in 1920 and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  The indoor and outdoor opportunities for memorable events and parties abound. 

The Spring House is truly a unique place to enjoy an incredible meal in a very lovely, well kept historic house.  Try it today, they are open for lunch and for dinner, the food is phenomenal and the experience amazing! We made ourselves at home. Sweet tea and mason jar - we fit right in. 

To begin our incredible dining experience at Spring House, we enjoyed the Shrimp Sweet Corn and Crab Beignets with Red Beet and Horseradish Remoulade.  Tantalizing!  I was all in when I heard Beignets... then Shrimp and Crab. This was a fabulous dish. The Red Beet Horseradish Remoulade was tasty and beautiful! We loved knowing that this was all-natural coloring. My mother would have LOVED this. She gave us some great opportunities to enjoy Beets and this would be a favorite. :)

Shrimp Sweet Corn and Crab Beignets with Red Beet Remoulade
by CarolinaMama©
The homemade Breads, Cheddar Biscuits and Cornbread were a wonderful addition to the Appetizer of Pimento Cheese, Red Peppers, Hummus and Savory Beets.

Homemade Breads at Spring House
by CarolinaMama©

"Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar, opened in April 2012, is located in the former Bahnson House, a gracious 1920 former residence in downtown Winston-Salem that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Spring House is part of historical “Winston-Salem’s Millionaire’s Row,” which is on downtown’s Fifth Street." 

We LOVE the peaceful property at Spring House. 

The integrity of the Spring House is beautiful and adds to the ambiance. We loved seeing the gardens there. Weather permitting, there is a nice courtyard for outdoor seating. For us, it was a rainy evening so we enjoyed sitting indoors in the sun room with a beautiful view of outdoors.  Here you can see the Herb Garden the Chef 'shops' in to create these amazing meals.  The ingredients will be inspired by the season, fresh from local farms and markets.  

The Caesar Wedge and the Waldorf-Inspired Salad were a great way to prepare for the entrees.  We love a good Caesar Dressing and Blue Cheese Dressing - this one was made fresh from scratch at the Spring House - Daily.

      • Toasted Shards of Corn Bread 

      • PLANK ROASTED MAHI MAHI Café de Paris Butter and Coarse  Grain Mustard Sauce
  • Chili Salt Spiced Shrimp and Seafood Beignet
    Lemon Peppercorn Remoulade
I ordered the Plank Roasted Mahi Mahi. This was an amazing dish complimented with the Seafood Beignet and Spiced Shrimp. It was a fantastic combination. The Mahi Mahi was very light and flaky. It was a wonderful seafood mix with the yellow rice pilaf.

Plank Roasted Mahi Mahi Chili Salt Spiced Shrimp and Seafood Beignet
by CarolinaMama©

Our boys LOVE Salmon. This one was delectable. They were impressed with the many flavors fused with the Grilled Salmon. It was truly wonderful.  One the boys said that it was "the best salmon ever." 

  • Cumin spiked Frijoles Negro and Yellow Saffron Rice
    Pickled Shrimp Garnish and Sweet Pepper “Confetti”
Spring House Roasted Salmon with  Pickled Shrimp and Sweet Pepper Confetti
by CarolinaMama©

Here we are taking a moment to share the outdoor patio dining for a casual lunch or evening out. 

The property is like a Secret Garden. We love the greenery and placid atmosphere.

Spring House has a beautiful style. We loved the art work and decor throughout. :)

Spring House, Winston-Salem, NC by CarolinaMama©

Here is a look at the Sun Room for Elegant Dining. Being a New Orleans native and loving all things fine dining, I love the white table clothes, ambiance and excellent service at Spring House. 

Back to the fabulous food at Spring House, the Oyster Sliders.  These were tantilizingly good. ! This was such a unique appetizer. Kudos to the Chef Timothy Grandinetti of Spring House. Follow Chef Grandinetti on Twitter for a glance at his creations. 

  • Pepper Jack Bechamel Bacon BBQ Sauce

  • Noodles in Sherry Garlic Ginger Broth
    with Pork Belly, Short Ribs, Shrimp, Greens, Hen’s Egg
    Hoisin Sauce, Purgatory Pepper Elixir and Miso Aioli Drizzle
Southern Hot Pot at Spring House, #VisitWS by CarolinaMama©

The Individual S'mores Dessert served the four of us! We got our Chocolate cravings satisfied, indeed! 

S]mores Chocolate Dessert at Spring House
by CarolinaMama©

The Southern Banana Pudding was a really fun finale to the Dinner. I was so excited the boys wanted this dessert. The mason jar made it actually perfect!

Spring House Banana Pudding

Visit Spring House in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at your earliest convenience. Discover a true treasure in Spring House dining.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Spring House and Visit Winston-Salem, NC.  All opinions are my own. 

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