Fall Fashion with Chico's Women's Clothing #MomFashion #OOTD

Fall is a wonderful time of year for Fashionistas. The beautiful sunshine and crisp air makes changing wardrobes a joy.  I came excited to share all about Chico's Fall Fashion as "the forecast calls for cozy layers."

I love working with Chico's, I am already a long time fan. My Auntie loved Chico's, too. We always shared our favorite pieces of the season. This season, I love all of the  beautiful Fall Fashion. As part of my usual Fall Fashion sharing, I want to show you my favorite things from Chico's. I chose these items and I love them. I will share with you why I chose each item.

Here is how I styled my favorite Chico's Traveler's pieces for this Fall. So my Outfit of the Day #ootd is the Maya Traveler's Jacket, and the Dot Hutton Pant. I had a blast styling these with pearls and a sequin top with pink scarf and ballet flats for a Girl Baby Shower. 

Chico's Mom Fashion #FallFashion by CarolinaMama©

I have to say it was perfect. I love how you can dress and style this outfit so many ways. The pink looks really great and I was convivial for the Baby Shower! What I Wore - #WhatIWore - These Traveler's pieces were perfect on this particular rainy Saturday afternoon. 

Chico's Mom Fall Fashion by CarolinaMama©

Though it rained, the outfit still looked perfectly ready to go. That's what I love about the Traveler's Collection. 

Here is how I styled it for Church one Sunday recently. Again, I am a Southern Girl and I do opt for Pearls a lot of the time. They are timeless and look beautiful with the knit of the Traveler's Collection. The French Blue was beautiful! 

Chico's Mom Fashion by CarolinaMama©

Earlier this fall, I was spread the work about Chico's "Stand Up To Cancer" initiative with their Signature Scarf. The Cerulean Sky Scarf design is beautiful. The Cerulean Sky Scarf will look terrific with this ensemble pictured above as the French Blues coordinate well. Also, it goes well with my other favorite choice - the Black Hutton Pant which I LOVE.  I can wear these and look business, casual or elegant any time in an instant with these Chico's choices!

With Chico's, the options are many. I love the cozy layers this Fall. This is a regal look from the Chico's Fall Layers page.

This season, I LOVE the Maya Classic Traveler's Jacket.  I love the elegance and the versatility of all of the Travelers Collection at Chico's.  The Maya Jacket is so elegant yet comfortable. The 3/4 sleeves are regal. This looks is beautiful on most everyone.

Chico's Classic Maya Traveler's Jacket

My next choice was the beautiful and unique Dot Pant in the Hutton Style.  Again, Chico's has classic styles. These are ideal for every day and night. These are a great pattern. I love that it is pretty and simple. The black and white matches so many things. I love that!

Style Tips: 

Here are some other beautiful and stylish Chico's tops. These are so versatile and all of the models look great in each style shown here. It is helpful to know what you love and what looks best on you! The super long sweaters do not look flattering on someone under 5'5".... or so. I am 5'7" and these look elongate and compliment my height and do not look lost on me. The short crop styles to not look great on taller women. For the same reason, the crop look gives you the idea that I bought from the Junior's Department. And it is not stylish to wish we were in Junior High. Right! If you are shorter and more petite, these styles may look great on you.

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Enjoy! And make it a beautiful and stylish Fall! Thank you, Chico's for hosting this post! We love our Fall Mom Fashion!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Chico's. All opinions are my own. 

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