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CarolinaMama Country Outfitter Corral Turquoise Boots

For a while now, Country Outfitter has caught my eye, and millions of others, right!  I love the pop or color and style in their boots I see all.over.the.internet!  So I was totally jazzed to join their Fashion Campaign for Fall.  Jumping ahead, this is my first photo in my Country Outfitter Boots! These stole my heart. Fall y'all....


These caught my eye immediately. As a woman of faith, I love the idea of these Woman's Circle G Corral Beige Side Cross Boots. Do you just LOVE! I do. I think I have more purchases in my future. 

I have to admit, it was awesome and so fun to browse their website and choose boots. One problem, I LOVED A LOT of them!  I have my original black, Nocona's that I adore. So I was thinking do something fun like.... these beauties....

Corral Women's Tobacco Beige Silver Sequin Cross Boots. 

Brown was on my mind since I love my black. I tend to go kind of basic so that it matches a lot of things.  Then, I saw these beautiful Silver Cowboy Boots! Look at that Bling! These would be so pretty for all of the Christmas Parties, the Holidays and on into New Year's Eve celebrations!  They are a favorite!  They are pretty with a little heel for dress up. 

Miranda Women's Cowboy Bling Boot 

Then I have a think for a pretty Red. Just look at these Women's Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot.  LOVE the RED. To me, red works with a lot of things. I really struggled with the idea of getting a pretty red. LOVE these. They have the traditional look that I love.

Ariat Women's Heritage Western R. Toe Boot Distressed Brown really made me consider my brown boot basics thoughts again. These were fun. I actually ordered these.  I know brown matches so many things.

I ordered the wrong size, so I knew I was going to have to exchange.  Let me say, Country Outfitters Exchanges were a Dream! I am serious. They were SO helpful to me. They answered a lot of questions.  And ultimately, I chose a pair I will wear forever! :)  It was SO hard to let these go. I mean, I was hanging out in them thinking, how I make a decision.  Clearly, I am going to be a future customer, as well.  I made the hard decision, after taking one more glance at these....

Country Outfitter Ariat Women's Heritage Western Boot
Carolina Mama 

Introducing my Turquoise Babies. Are these not to die for - seriously! I LOVE them. I have to say, Corral is my favorite. They are a soft leather, they are very well made.

They are Handmade in Mexico. I LOVE that. 

Corral Women's Turquoise Cortez Cream Fleur de Lis Boot.

The Fleur de Lis stole my heart for this New Orleans girl. Anything Fleur de Lis is a WIN! They are SO comfortable! I love them. The heel is perfect for so many things. As you see, they are so cute to wear with leggings. 

So just a reminder, these re my absolute Favorite on the Planet! The Turquoise is perfect to match up with so many things for a Fashion statement. The prices at Country Outfitter is so reasonable. 
Really great leather boots with fashion for less. 

Another part of my ordering story is that I chose the Brown first even though I adored the Red and the Turquoise. Well, after I ordered my original ones my girlfriend posted her new boots...
these boots were here Birthday Celebration boots! Awesome! 

Then, I LOVE they way she styled them here with her family picture.  Not only was she gracious 
enough to agree to being "twins" in different cities, she agreed to be my model. :) She shared 
her pics. 

This is awesome here.  This is so beautiful all of the tonal colors. And 
they ARE UNC Tar Heel colors.... almost. :) Works for me. 
And Thank you, Donna! 

When she posted these pictures, I realized... low and behold, the Turquoise with the Fleur de Lis!  I had not seen the Fleur de Lis and 
had already loved them enough due to the fun color. So, when mine didn't fit I knew I had 
to make the witch to the Turquoise... not without her blessing! :)  She being a sweet friend and 
Fashionista, totally got that more than one lady could enjoy the beauty of these boots.... 

One last glimpse of my Country Outfitter boot choice - here we are Friday Night Lights and my Boots. Life is good. 

Friday Night Lights Country Outfitter Boots Carolina Mama 

Which color would you choose?! Did you love the Silver Boots? My Turquoise, or what is your choice? :) Check out Country Outfitter on Facebook, too.

Hope you get a pair of Country Outfitters soon and enjoy!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Country Outfitter. All opinions are my own. 

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