Target and TOMS for the Holidays

Typically, I do not talk about Christmas in September. I am happy to savor the final days of Summer. Enjoy the sunshine, catch another wave, feel the sand between my toes, make Blueberry Ice Cream, watch another sunset on fire over the lake....

This year is different, two of my favorite brands announced some incredible and Giving News! Yes, isn't that what Christmas is all about - Giving. Afterall, Jesus gave His all for us and we celebrate his Birth, Christmas in honor.

So, when Target and TOMS broke their news, yes, Facebook ad gone right!, I wanted help spread the excitment, the goodness. The Giving.

Here Target will donate blanket, meals and shoes for each purchase made.  That's giving. So purchase this cool shirt and it feeds or clothes someone.

Go ahead and gift these fun and classic TOMS and help someone else through Target, TOMS and 
the American Red Cross and the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief. 

That's something - now you get to share the good news of the Holidays with others!  Thanks TOMS and Target for sharing Christmas and the Holiday Spirit with others!  Really, we're all partnering together on this one... right?! Guess it will be time to TOMS Target shop in November! :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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