Toyota Sienna 2015 RoadTrip Test Drive

We LOVE working with Toyota and were so excited when Toyota asked us to Test Drive the new Toyota Sienna 2015.  We'll admit it, we love the swagger wagon.  We are mini van people. We love out swagger. Seriously, I have always loved the convenience and efficiency of the sliding minivan door. So there my personal opinion that is all my own may be biased because I love that.

The Toyota Sienna 2015 is so spacious our growing boys loved it immediately.  So, naturally, we took off on a road trip to the Beach. #roadtrip We love living so close to the Carolina Coastline.

We packed all of our gear, the Body Surfing Boards, Ice Chest, Umbrella, Chairs, Beach Bags, Kites … all the things.  It all fit so nicely in the Toyota Sienna. 

I love the Driver's Seat….

She looked so pretty at the beach. We love the Salsa Red Pearl. 

This Swagger Wagon was so comfortable for us.  We love how open the front is and the sunroof 
added to this visual "Mommy Like." 

       Take a look at my view from the Driver's Seat. Love this view of the Toyota Sienna. So pretty and spacious! And the mileage in town and on the highway is fabulous!


Now, getting down to business, LOVE the cup holders, the SUB charge and 
the GPS Screen, Stereo, and all.  The best is that this is very user friendly. 

Seats up to eight passengers

Whether you’re head of the car pool or head of the family, you'll have room for everyone in Sienna. On 8-passenger models, the versatile center seat in the second row folds upright to form an additional seat. Now you don't have to leave anyone behind.
Now, that's awesome!  Room for 8! With School starting and carpooling, and 
sports practices, the Toyota Sienna makes room for many! 8 to be exact! 


He is Toyota's shot of the Salsa Red Pearl MiniVan. Love it! Toyota won the 
National Highway Traffic Safety 5 Star Safety Star Award! 

"Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's

 (NHTSA's) New Car Assessment Program ("

We LOVE when Toyota says, "Let's Go Places!"  

Tell me about your Minivan? Are you a Toyota Sienna Driver? Check it out and enjoy the benefits in many ways.  "Let's Go Places!"

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Toyota. All opinions are our own. 

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