Sail to Sable is A Favorite Fashion Dress and Tunic Review

Sail to Sable captured my fashion heart the day I discovered them!  I love preppy and classy styles and Sail to Sable is just that with a great dose of quality. 

Sail to Sable paired with Jeans
These dresses are so well made and they are super comfortable.  I chose what else, Pink and Green, because Preppy. Yes, I love it!  I paired it with jeans above and enjoyed it on a road trip with my family. 

Sail to Sable is in its fourth season and they are sailing well! 

Sail to Sable refers to the Easternmost and Southernmost spots on the Eastern Seaboard: Sail Rock, Maine and Cape Sable, Florida. The Sail to Sable collection is chic meets preppy and includes the classic tunic dress, light-weight cover up tunics, fabulous maxi tunic dresses and the flirty party tunic dress. The line is easy to mix and match with coordinating prints, bright colors, bold trim and stripes.

On our road trip, I felt so comfortable and fashionable in my Sail to Sable.

Get Patriotic!  The Sail to Sable team has great creativity and they design beautiful color schemes for each season and holiday. 

I love this Patriotic look of the Summer Sail to Sable! Check out their website for the Summer Sale! These are classic and enduring so they will be wonderful season after season! 

Check out these fun Dresses on Sale. 

Cheers to Chic Maxi Dress.   I love this one.  So fun and stylish. Dress up a little for dinner out or enjoy for a picnic. 

Because I have a love of Navy characteristic, I Love this Navy and Pink dress for Fall.  It is a beautiful classic. Again, it can be paired with leggings or jeans for another look and to go into Fall. 

My Mom used to dress us alike, so I LOVE the Mother and Daughter look for the little ones.  Like this.  Moms of daughters, take advantage of all of this cuteness! 

One more I adore for kids, The Monkey Business Kids Tunics and Dresses.  Look at these, I love them. 

Do you love Tunics and Dresses?  Check these out and enjoy these unique and classic looks.  

Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sail to Sable. I Love their brand and enjoy sharing my own opinions. All opinions are my own. 

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