Christmas at the Billy Graham Library and Other Events

                                                                         Billy Graham 

Growing up, I was fortunate that my heritage included Billy Graham.  One of my earliest memories is of Billy Graham on the television in our living room.  Seriously, I remember how his sermons ended with "Just As I Am" and the alter call where thousands came to Christ.  We would always watch right up to the part where "If you have questions, one of our Counselors is waiting to answer the phone and help you or you may write Billy Graham… Winnipeg, Minnesota."  :) Do you know Jesus? Click here.

I was so blessed to recently visit the Billy Graham Library for Christmas at the Library.  What a delight! 

Here is a look at the gorgeous real Christmas tree that greets you at the Library entrance! 


And on one of those amazing nights, I sat with my mother in my Daddy's big red chair and asked Christ into my heart. I am so glad she sat with me and prayed.  Whether you have just become a Christian, would like to be or if you have been raised in a Christian home, your conversion is the most important decision you'll ever make.  

Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, NC
With my Christian heritage and including Billy Graham, it is an immense honor to work with The Billy Graham Association.  Just before Thanksgiving, The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, hosted a Bloggers Luncheon and "Girl's Night Out" there at the Library.  It was so lovely.  The Library was all Christmasy and beautiful.  Peaceful.  And I got to travel there from the Raleigh / Durham area with this sweet friend, Megan from Character Health.  Her blog and ministry has been such a blessing to so many.  She is a Mom of many, so her advice is helpful to Moms everywhere, especially since she is grounded in God's Word. 

Once we arrived, we bloggers had lunch there with some of the Staff.  We learned more about the Library and their goals and history.  It was all fascinating.

We toured the Billy Graham Library and learned so much more about Billy and Ruth Graham and his ministry.  Their family and the history.  There was so much peace there. 

As we learned the history and toured the Headquarters and Library, it was wonderful to see all 
of the media awards and other recognition received through the years.  I recall reading 
The Hiding Place in junior high so this was interesting to me.

Yes, this was intriguing to watch the Media reels from days of yore.  And to visualize how 
it has all changed so dramatically and how fascinating for this Social Media Mom.  

You can also tour the Billy Graham Home on the property.  It is beautiful and you can see all of the momentos of his early days and their married and family life.

We had such an extra- exciting Girls time at the "Ladies Night Out with Casey Schutrop.  She is an awesome speaker and author.  She was inspiring and we LOVED receiving her book, Grandma's Christmas Legacy! :) 

We even did a little shopping.  I LOVE this verse so this was my Coffee Mug. 

I am so happy they gave us this gift, the "Billy Graham, God's Ambassador, A Lifelong Mission of Giving Hope to the World." Our family is enjoying reading through this and looking at the inspiring pictures.  The boys are intrigued with the daughter named, Bunny. :)

Hey, Ladies, just so you know the Billy Graham Library knows how to treat Ladies Night Out, check out these treats that were in abundance.  Carrot Cakes, and so much more.

These Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies were yum as well.  

This table was my favorite, okay, not just because of the sweets because look at the 
Tartan! :)  LOVE It.  Everything was so festive. 

Even the Punch Bowl was lovely and convivial.  My mother would have been thrilled with all
the garland, and decor and the Southern crystal punch bowl.  Great recipe, too. 

Megan and I met another fabulous Christian devotional writer, Gail. And got to visit during our 
afternoon in the "Dairy Bar."  We all loved the community and camaraderie that we have and 
can share together.  

Visiting the Library is FREE.  Plan your visit now.  Plan on a lot of time well spent.  And you will want to shop Ruth's Attic Book Store.  There are so many wonderful resources and whimsical offerings there.  You could plan on visiting fore the 7th Annual Teddy Bear Tea with your children or your girlfriends.  This would be a grand time.  The next Teddy Bear Tea is December 6, 2014.  There are more Girls Nights Out planned and there is a 2nd Annual Men's Breakfast in September.  Maybe send the man in your life for this time of uplifting and encouraging fellowship.  And the food sounds great, too. 

Thank you so much to the Billy Graham Library for including me in the Bloggers Luncheon and Events this year.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.  Cheers 2014!  Thank you for spreading the gospel and sharing the Love of Christ globally.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by The Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, North Carolina.  All opinions are my own. 

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