Bonefish Grill, Cary, North Carolina REVIEW

One of our favorite places is Bonefish Grill.  We have been fans for a while now and always love working together.   Recently, we checked out their Lunch Menu as a family.  We LOVE the atmosphere and the special dishes and the service is wonderful.  Bonefish and I are collaborating again on a Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina  Restaurant Review.  My husband took a picture of me eagerly representing. :)  

And our boys playing on the patio furniture.  See the festive patio!  We love it here in the Summer as well.  

Here we go, let's check out Bonefish Grill for lunch.  

Our boys were happy to be back.  We chose to visit on New Year's Day.  It was super fun. 
There were a lot of people with the same idea and the service was wonderful.  The entire 
staff was very accommodating.   Notice my sweet bowl of Limes to join my Coke Zero. :) 
It's the little things that matter.  Service with a smile.  So their slogan, Happiness Here is true. 

Now for the Lunch Menu.  There were so many great choices.  Here are ours: 

Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy 
"The Shrimp PoBoy was outstanding and the sauce was incredible!"
said the 12 year old shrimp lover! 

Cheese Burger with Parmesean Fries
"The CheeseBurger was amazing and definitely filled me up.  Their fries and ranch were awesome, too!"
said the other 12 year old.  

Grilled Salmon Burger
"Oh, man, that was so good. The Salmon Burger was a generous portion." 
Said my Boulder Mountain Man. :) 

Grilled Salmon Sandwich and Parmasan Fries

Another Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy for the Win!
"LOVED the Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy and Parmesean French Fries!" 
Said the New Orleans Lady/Carolina Mama! :)  You can see 
my 2014 diet - wellness kick started the next morning. lol
Seriously, this was my first poboys and fries order in a couple of days (LOL) years.  And it 
was completely WORTH IT.

Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy and Parmesan Fries

The price range is $10 and under for most items.  This is so reasonable!  And 
particularly for great seafood and wonderful sides.  One of our favorites that 
we tried recently was the Spicy Asian Slaw! I could order a quart to bring home. 

Here is the happy family on our bringing in the New Year 
at one of our local Bonefish Grills. :) 

My husband and I always take advantage of a photo together. 
Our last of 2013.  And Smiles for all 2014 has to hold. 

This Bonefish Grill location is conveniently located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina.  It is near the world-famous SAS Campus.  So it is fabulous for the perfect business luncheon or meeting.  

Look how pretty and quaint this location looks. 


We love it for date night and day dates, too.  The ambiance is romantic by night and by day.  
One more time, here we go 2014!  

By the way, being an NFL Football fan.  More specifically, we are Saints, Broncos and Panthers fans!  Right now at Bonefish Grill, they are offering 3 Bang Bang Shrimp Orders for Football Games for $19.99!  Yes, that just made your Super Bowl!  Now, enjoy and drop the chips and dip for some Bang Bang Shrimp.  And may the Broncos or Panthers Win since the Saints just lost. :)

BangBang Shrimp Football Special Bonefish Grill

Now, look at the Eggs Benedict!  They look outstanding.  You see, the Lunch and Brunch options at Bonefish Grill are wonderful.  Go and enjoy!

Thank you to the Bonefish Grill, Cary, North Carolina for the consistent wonderful 
food, service and fun!  We love it there.  And we have tried several different Bonefish Grills, 
even out-of-state and we feel they are all consistent in all of the above so we look forward to 
visiting often. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Bone Fish Grill.  All opinions are my own. 

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