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We are thrilled our Summer Family Travel Adventures took us to The Beach House, a Holiday Inn Resort  Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

As a young college girl, we LOVED out weekends at Hilton Head Island.  The delight of this Island is like no other.  So naturally, before I began my big city corporate job (back in New Orleans working from Lawyers who were colleagues or my Dad), I Nannied on Hilton Head Island to extend the fun, ponder my life and make more memories.

They were treasured times.  Yet, as I cared for this precious little one and a half year old girl, I dreamed of having my own family some day and playing on these same beaches.

This Summer we finally came full circle and our Family Road Trip travels took us back to Sea Pines to climb the Lighthouse and watch fireworks, catch a lightning storm on the beach (it as a long ways away but still incredible for my weather lovers).  We retreated to the Tiki Hut afterwards.

The Beach House Resort is a perfect Family Resort with Ocean Front Property.  They have a wonderful Swimming Pool,  and even Ping Pong Tournaments by the Pool!  Our son won!  How's that for a Kids' Memory, "I won The Beach House, Hilton Head Island, Ping Pong Tournament Summer 2013!"

Biking is a beautiful way to explore the Island and the Beach.  

We LOVE to Boogie Board so we were often on the beach IN the water. Occasionally, 
for a quick pic you can find us like this. :)

We loved waking up to the calm of the shore every morning.  LOVE our view?!  We did, too! 

WE even sat poolside and read a little.  It was very relaxing at The Beach House. 

They have all the gear. This day, we just used the towels by the pool and swam a little. 

More of the Poolside Ping Pong fun! 

The Beach House HHI Resort Ping Pong Poolside

Did you know Savannah, Georgia is only a 45 minute drive from Hilton Head Island. 
So we took the opportunity to escape the heat of the day on the beach.  We had lunch 
at Paula Deen's "Lady & Sons!"  We LOVED it.  Every time we have been to 
Savannah as a family, Lady & Sons was closed and we were on the path 
directly to Disney World, so this was the time. 


Land & Sons Hoe Cakes Savannah
Happy parents to enjoy Southern Cooking on vacation.  

Our boys devoured this awesomeness and made their Southern Mama so proud!  We all
hydrated up with water but you know we all sipped a little Mint Sweet Tea 
from Mrs. Paula! Oh yum! 
Paula Dean's Mint Sweet Tea

Back to The Beach House, here is our room. I LOVED this picture of the Lighthouse at Harbor Town, so voila. 

Our happy family in our happy place, God's Creation, the Beach! 

Hilton Head Island Family Photo Shoot

The Tiki Hut keeps refreshment going all day and Ice Water waiting by the 
boardwalk. This was very handy.  There was live beach music which always sounded 

The Beach House Tiki Hut

Another pretty site on the HHI Beach....

Dad and the Boys setting up our umbrella for Mom, mainly, because 
they last FOREVER in the Waves! 

I took a nice Run, my 5k, on the beach a couple times. 
It was awesome to run on the beach and no one was there. My guys were boarding. 

The Palm Trees were abundant, the Customer Service at The Beach House was 
very attentive and helpful.  We LOVED our room and used the refrigerator 
for our picnic foods, water and gatorade lite. 

Mom Fashion at Hilton Head Island Monogramed Hat

Yes, confirmed, I am slower running in heat and humidity by a few minutes! 
Runner's World is right. Apparently, I'm not the only one. The beach was the sweet reward. 

And my reading of "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet!" by Boo Mama. 

This is what our day looked like! 

Happy to be back at The Salty Dog Cafe Sea Pines with my Family. 

LOVED seeing my Hanes and The Salty Dog Cafe working together.  
Our boys adore their Hanes Salty Dog Tee Shirts! 

Hanes Salty Dog Cafe Tee Shirts

This was our favorite lunch!  Here we are full circle!  My family. 

And the heavens opened up and my precious college friend, we were in each 
other's Weddings, she was at the South Beach Marina, too!! 
How fortuitous! to see each other after too many years! 

We introduced our Children to each other!! Precious times. Her husband, high school sweetheart, 
was in California litigating away as he does so well.  We captured the memory!  They were 
enjoying Summer days at Hilton Head preparing their daughter for UCLA this Fall!  Life is beautiful. 

Our last night we climbed to the top of the Lighthouse and savored every second. 
Snapped a million pictures and watched the storm roll in that my son noticed probably 
before the weathermen.  

We closed our Hilton Head Island memories this Sunset at the top of the Lighthouse! 
Forever thankful and grateful for these summer memories! 

The Beach House is a beautiful property to make Family Travel Memories for a lifetime.  We loved working with them.

You may Rent Bicycles at The Beach House and enjoy exploring the Island and the Beach! 

Just so you know The Salty Dog Cafe Food is fabulous....

The Salty Dog Cafe Shrimp Po Boy

I LOVED my Ladies Lunch which was a refreshing Shrimp Salad plate.  Here's some Ping Pong with the Parents. Memories.  My Parents did this! :)

Just horsing around at the Beach. My boys love to play in the Tidal Pools. 

Here is a section of the huge pool. :) Happy faces. 

Our boys LITERALLY Swam with a Dolphin the morning we left. I will post a 
video later. It was a once in a lifetime experience. We jogged along the beach while they 
swam parallel with a Dolphin! :)  This is literally an iPhone snapshot I took from shore. 
Our boys and a Dolphin! 

Swim with Dolphin at Hilton Head Island

We enjoyed Ice Cream at Coligny Plaza!  Coligny has everything!  It is located right across
the street from The Beach House Resort. 

Ice Cream at Coligny Plaza

Our family Relaxing at The Beach House on the Porch. :)

It was hard to leave, we will not say good-bye, just until next time. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by the The Beach House, Holiday Inn Resorts.  All opinions are my own. 


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Don't you just love HHI? My sisters and I go every year - it's a sister annual event - and we love it! We stay right across from Coligny Plaza!!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I've never been to HH. Need to go. YOu look fabulous.

Punk said...

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