Share the Love - My Love List #SharetheLove #DietPepsi

Share the Love My Love List #DietPepsi #SharetheLove

February is the Month of Love!   One thing I LOVE is teaming up with Diet Pepsi to Share the Love of my favorite things - things I love, with a Love List.  

#SharetheLove #LoveEverySip

Thankfully, I Love what I get to do each day as a Wife, Mom, Blogger and more.  Yet, it is easy to get busy in the routine of life and not slow down and do something fun for myself or even our family, something you love.

Thanks to my Daddy, I love sports and particularly Running.  I have always wanted to share that with our Twin Sons, the Tigers.  Now, they are Running, too.  I love seeing how fast they can go and how we motivate each other.  Good thing because we are in training.  We are so excited to be training for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K in Charleston, South Carolina.  We cannot wait.  We committed to this in October so it is exciting to be getting close to Race Day.

Naturally, I will share my Runners Love List.  The Tigers' list is pretty similar just the male version of all these running favorites.  This is me, here are the things I love when Running.

Cheers to Race Day.  We are excited to live our Love List.  Cheers to Share the Love and Love Every Sip.  So what's your Love?  What would your Love List look like?  Join the fun at Diet Pepsi and you just may Win $10,000 and a Trip to L.A.

Tell me how you would #ShareTheLove and enjoy doing it.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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