Around The Southern Table By Rebecca Lang Review

My Southern roots are deep and well grounded in things that matter most.  The Southern Dinner Table is one of them.  Thankfully, like author Rebecca Lang, our table has been passed down and the third generation is pulling up a chair around our Oak Table with four extra leaves.  It has served us all very well. And oh, the memories we have and are creating every day.

Southerner Rebecca Lang is the author of "Around the Southern Table."  The book is exquisite for a Southern Girl, Southern Cook. I adore it.  My Charleston Correspondent, Heidi, met Rebecca Lang at the Southern Living Taste of Charleston last Summer.  So I couldn't wait to peruse her book and try out some recipes.

We went straight for the Classic Scrambled Eggs - just like our Bisabuela used to make.  Oh, my goodness, these are a delightful and creamy rendition that keep our boys asking for more.

We started with the eggs and cream and salt and pepper.....

After adding the Cheddar Cheese and stirring to moisten, we added to the pan on medium heat. 

Voila the perfect Southern Breakfast, Rebecca's Classic Scrambled Eggs and Grits!  We had a little Mango Orange Juice and were completely satisfied. One of our favorite meals! 

Now, you can go order yours and enjoy all the goodness including Lane Cake and more. 
Southern Pecan Pie.  

Southern Living has so many great options on their site and I love how they help keep the Southern spirit alive and well.

Hope you enjoy. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Southern Living and TIME Publishing, Inc.

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