Food Lion Holiday Bake Off Tour and 12 Grand Prizes

Holiday Baking just got more fun!  Food Lion invited us to join in on a Holiday Baking tour and to share with you all the fun details.  You can join the fun and you just might win one of the 12 Grand Prizes! 

We love the Holidays and Baking, so we jumped right in this week before Thanksgiving! 

So you've probably read about my Gluten Free experience.  And how much I love it. I do.  One thing, I sort of stopped baking for the family.  I know, not good when you are a Mom of young sons and a husband who loves your baking.  

Overall, its been a wonderful thing.   Well, tonight I took the liberty to pull out the old Family Recipe Favorite and Tradition.  The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe got put to good use!


We are all-American and we have the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies at all of our Holiday events.  There are other fun things.  Tonight at Food Lion, I got some of the ingredients for our Thanksgiving Chocolate Pecan Pie!  I could not bare to Freeze the Thanksgiving Pie, so I will bake it on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we will truly enjoy it fresh.  

Also, I picked up some of the great Food Lion Essentials ingredients.  Perfect for baking.  And I had a hankering for a Tuna Melt tomorrow and I got the Essentials White Albacore Tuna, my lovely Mt. Olive, North Carolina's own Pickles in Dill Relish for the Tuna Salad and the Spicy Brown Mustard. Life is good! 


Back to the lovely cookies.  I had a handsome and eager helper.  An Elf.  I love how he is so involved in the whole recipe process including taste testing.  And the folding of the ingredients. 

See he got them all lined up just right for baking.  My latest thing is using my Pyrex to bake 
cookies.  You can do this, too.  It works well. :)  Especially when I forgot the PAM spray. This 
ensures they do not stick. 

While I was at it, I stocked up on some of the necessary Thanksgiving and Christmas Spices! 
BOGO y'all!  Yes, Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!!  Let's get cooking. 

They turned out Great!  

Remember!  They are a memory, because we can seriously go through some 
warm Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Now you can join the fun!  Bake one of your own Family Recipes and Enter to WIN the 
Food Lion Holiday Bake Off Tour!  We've got prizes ya'll! 

Food Lion is launching a Holiday Bake Off recipe contest on their Facebook page.  Just enter your favorite holiday recipe here:
    • You can enter the contest by sharing a recipe in any of the four categories: appetizer, entre, side dish, or dessert. 12 grand prize winners will receive a $500Food Lion gift card
    • The Food Lion Bake Off contest kicked off 11/7 and will end 11/28

You can find all of your favorite ingredients and the essential brand for your family 
at Food Lion! 

Hope you have a fun time cooking and All the best to the 12 Grand Prize Winners!  Now, tell me your favorite Family Recipe? 


Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure:  This post was written as part of my participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Food Lion. I received a promotional items to facilitate my shopping experience and review.

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