2019 Mazda CX-9 "Always Elegant. Never Ordinary." #MazdaCX9

"Always elegant. Never Ordinary." Mazda CX-9

Oh, happy day when this beautiful 2019 Mazda CX-9 arrived at our home! Immediately, I fell in love with the beautiful white exterior and the Nappa leather seating and genuine Santos Rosewood trim was gorgeous.  It has Standard i-ACTIV AWD. 

Look how beautifully it presents. Luxury and elegance all in one beautiful vehicle! 

Here is the view from the front! There is a lot of space and the cup holders the boys needed for our road trip to the beach! Again, we love the chic red leather seats! 

Here we are off to the beach in grand, 2019 Mazda CX-9 style! The guys in our family are six foot tall so it is wonderful to have lots of space. 

The music and technology with fabulous GPS and Bluetooth were commendable! 

We were very comfortable in this Mazda. Here we are all blissed out after the beach trip! 

"This was a really awesome and new treat to work with, the HUD or Heads Up Display.
The latest and definitely one of the highlights of driving this SUV was the Heads up Display (HUD). You look straight ahead and it tells you a lot of different, very helpful information.

It tells you how fast you are going and what the speed limit is wherever it is that you are driving. It will also indicate the cars coming up behind you, in front of you if you have the collision avoidance set, and even shows you the next turn from the directions on the GPS. Unbelievable, and not distracting at all. This is a new, exciting feature I very much look forward to in the future of automobiles."
Boulder Mt. Man :) 

We love time away and the beach makes it perfect! Love that my guys are checking out the waves for some body boarding! :) 

A little family selfie on the beach! Love us together even if I have on 5 layers :) since my beach run was epic, I didn't realize I was perspiring and was freezing in the wind afterward. :) 

Here, we wanted you all to see how spacious the trunk of the Mazda CX-9 is. My handsome Boulder Mt. Man is great at organizing our family travel and the Mazda makes it possible! 

Beach Bound! :) Thre is also a 3rd row in the Mazda CX-9! How awesome is that.  So, it seats 7 passengers or you can use the extra large trunk and seat 5! Or, a really spacious 4 like we did!  

We had room for our colorful and generous beach umbrella! :)

Our son loves his hammock life and it worked extra well for him at the beach! It all fit in the Mazda! 

We love the pier! And since he set up his hammock! This is a special spot and we have gone fishing on this exact pier in trips prior! :) Family travel memories are favorites! 

Check out our live video here! 


Another beautiful view of the Mazda in our town! I can't resist all the photos! :) 

Lovely and beautiful! Motor Trend said, "Like its SUV of the Year-winning predecessor, this new family machine might reset the bar for fun-to-drive, efficient family transportation."

We agree! 

The happy family rolling into Wrightsville Beach! Yes, "Hooked on a feeling...!" was a perfect intro! 

Mazda won the auto IIHS Award for Top Safety Pick 2018: 

“A 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick (when equipped with available Smart City Brake Support and Adaptive Front-lighting System)."1

Are you a Mazda family?! Have you driven or purchased a Mazda CX-9? You'll love it, I'm sure! Just like we do! 

Carolina Mama

PS: You know we love the sunroof life! So perfect at the beach! :) 

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mazda. All opinions are my own. We fell in love with the Mazda CX-9! 

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