Amazon Prime NOW FREE 2 Hour Delivery in 25 Cities in America

Amazon Prime NOW launches FREE Delivery in Raleigh - 25 Cities nationwide. 

Thanks to Amazon Prime NOW, life will never be the same.  Amazon Prime NOW offers FREE two-hour delivery service!  It is the real deal, Amazon Prime NOW is available to Amazon Prime Members.

Yes, we're one of 25 cities in America on the Delivery List and we all were home on to meet "Martin" as he delivered our packages. Of course, we loved tracking him across town not the APP!

Amazon Prime NOW 1 hour and 2 hour deliveries available
2 hour Delivery is FREE

The thrill and excitement I felt took me back to 2010 when I began my iPhone journey!  The magic of technology will never cease to amaze me.

Now (pun intended), as I sat at my hairdresser's for my appointment, I realized I had to try Amazon Prime NOW.

I downloaded the APP which looks like this....

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With the APP downloaded, I quickly typed in our zip code and our city, Raleigh, was on the Delivery list! Now, it's time for the fun - to Shop!

Amazon Prime NOW Delivery Bag for FREE 2 Hour Delivery

Voila! I got this message! "Hello Malise, What are you looking for today?"

Already, I love this! With Super Bowl weekend upon us, I had a couple items I needed that were not on my shopping run earlier this week.

As I typed each item, I quickly found the items I needed.  They were all priced for the same price or less than competitive pricing than our stores!  The minimum requirement is $20.00 for the service. No worries because they had a favorite item on sale for less than my local store... with that item added. I was at $21.00.

Then, Amazon gave me a FREE $10 Credit to my 1st purchase. So I was back to $11.00 including the FREE Delivery. 

The APP "suggested" a $5.00 tip. You can change the tip amount to whatever you would like including zero. Who tips zero for this wonderful service!! I chose the $3.00 tip option for my order of $11.00. Yes, I was excited about the service!!  Even if I didn't have the discounted $10, my tip was 15%.

Amazon Prime NOW launches One Hour Delivery in Raleigh - 25 Cities nationwide.  See if your city is listed and enjoy the service.

It is that simple and we are loving this option.  Have you tried it!? Let us know if you have questions. Happy to help! Shoppers help shoppers out! :)

Thank you, Amazon!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*This post is written because I love the new Amazon Prime NOW FREE Delivery service! And I want to help other Moms out! :) Enjoy! 

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