Bouchon Asheville, North Carolina "Home of French Comfort Food" #VisitAsheville

Asheville Bouchon, NC and CarolinaMama Family
by CarolinaMama©

Bonjour, Y'all!

Bouchon Asheville, NC  truly is "Home of French Comfort Food." 

"Welcome to Bouchon, home of French Comfort Food! Bouchon is located in beautiful downtown Asheville and open seven days a week at 5:00 pm."

We were so excited to be on the road again in Asheville, North Carolina. It is always great family time to spend a few days away together.  We were thrilled to be invited to experience the wonderful French cuisine at Bouchon's Asheville. North Carolina is fortunate to have this incredible French influence here. 

We loved dining al fresco on the beautiful Bouchon's patio. Here our boys are enjoying exploring the menu with working with their French vocabulary. :) 

Bouchon Asheville, NC by CarolinaMama©

Immediately, we met some Asheville regulars who welcomed us to Bouchon Asheville. So fun!

Pack of Fine Clothing, Bouchon Asheville, NC by CarolinaMama©


First up were the outstanding "Pomme Frites!" These were a delight for all of us. I was so happy to share the authentic French experience with my husband and sons. The Pomme Frites were seasoned deliciously. The French Bread was warm, fresh and light. A perfect accompaniment. 

The Pomme Frites, the most amazing French Fries we have ever experienced.

Avocado Bord de Mer (avocado & crab)

This was an amazing beginning, with blue crab and fresh and fresh avocado, two of our favorite flavors perfectly blended together.

The salads were fabulous! We love a fresh start and these were excellent.  I have never tasted a more delectable Beet dish. :) 

Salade Composee

We love a good Kale salad, so this was a real treat. The highlight of this salad is definitely the fresh roasted beets.  The combination of the ingredients is amazing.

Salade de Betteraves au Chèvre  (sah-lahd duh beht-rahv oh shehvrh)
Roasted beets tossed with apples, walnuts, local goat cheese & Dijon mustard vinaigrette, served on fresh mixed greens 

Poulet Cordon Bleu Bouchon
This was one of the best variations of Chicken Cordon Bleu my Boulder Mt. Man, "Dad," has ever had the pleasure of tasting and enjoying. The combination of the Golden Chicken and Gruyere Cheese was absolutely mouth watering.

Poulet Cordon Bleu Bouchon "Chicken Cordon Blu by CarolinaMama©

I really enjoyed the Truite aux Amandes. We love fresh trout, and this was no exception.  Treat aux Amandes - Trout Almondine - is a specialty in French New Orleans. In Bouchon Asheville, the Truite aux Amandes is a locally caught fish, which makes the freshness all the better! It was one of the best trout dishes of all time. It was wonderful along with the amazing fresh sides.

Truite aux Amandes "Trout Almondine" Asheville Bouchon
by CarolinaMama©

The boys both enjoyed the Steak au Poivre which was amazing. Of course, they loved the extra serving of Pomme Frites! The Steak Frites Bouchon was perfect for our son who enjoys pure beef. 

We loved getting to meet the Owner, Michael. He was very welcoming and kind to us. He is also quite hilarious. We enjoyed visiting with him. Our sons found him entertaining. 

Our new friends continued to keep us entertained! Isn't this the best 'photo bomb' ever. We all did plan some photos to capture the fun memories of the night. 

Here he is reminding our boys about "Fine Clothing!" You can learn a lot about Paco's Fine Clothing at Fine Clothing. Look at the beautiful detail of his full service custom clothiers. 

Pack's of Fine Clothing at Bouchon's Asheville, North Carolina by CarolinaMama©

Here is a beautiful photo of our patio seating. We loved the ambiance with the red umbrellas and the casual yet upscale dining.

I love this photo I captured of our son looking around the Courtyard after dinner. These handsome boys are growing up too quickly.

We had such a relaxing evening. Our boys found everything humorous. Of course, I took the opportunity to fantasize about us being in Paris on the Champs Elysee dining al fresco. We were in the moment! Bouchon's couldn't be more French. Go and enjoy and Bon Jour! 

The atmosphere at Bouchon's is absolutely amazing, it is such a resemblance of a European cafe.  We had an absolute ball visiting together as a family and with the 2 gentleman sitting next to us.  It truly was an "out of country experience."  The outdoor seating is very charming and highly recommended. 

Mom and Dad had the Bete Noire, a flourless chocolate cake that was amazingly rich and chocolaty, quite the perfect ending, along with a really good cup of decaf coffee to end the perfect meal.

Both boys ordered the fresh Mousse au Choclat, freshly made every day and unbelievable! Obviously, this was a huge success for our teen boys. Chocolate wins! 

Before we left, Michael surprised the boys with baseball hats from the restaurants, named French Quarter. Talk about French flare. It was so nice and the boys love the souvenirs.

My handsomeness in their new hats! :)  Fun times! I LOVE these, too! :) 

The wonderful thing about Bouchon's is that you can experience other elements of that restaurant at the other 2 restaurants just next door. We did reminisce about New Orleans on our way home through the classic courtyard. One last photo on the way home. 

Bon Jour! 
Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bouchon's Asheville, North Carolina. All opinions are my own. 

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