Island Express Ferry Services of the Crystal Coast, NC is Excellent

Island Express Ferry Services, Crystal Coast, NC 

The views were truly majestic.... the sunset view of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse only makes my resolve to visit again soon more strong. 

One our recent visit, the weather was more like this.... perfect. Thanks to Island Express Ferry Services, our journey was perfect. 

Cape Lookout NC CarolinaMama and Family

Our Emerald Isle, NC beach trip included so many wonderful excursions along the Crystal Coast. I have loved sharing our adventures and recommendations with you here. One of the last incredible services we experienced was crucial to our visit to Cape Lookout and the Cape Lookout Lighthouse - the Island Express Ferry Services.  The sun was pretty mesmerizing as our crew rode over on a warm NC afternoon.

The Crystal Coast was living up to her name was we traveled the clear blue green waters. 

The Island Express Ferry Services at Cape Lookout is the most comfortable, professional and timely 

The Island Express Ferry Service surprised us with a visit to Harkers Island where we were able to view the wild horses! This was spectacular! 

Then, we were within feet of the legendary Cape Lookout Lighthouse! We were all ecstatic! 

We traversed the island and enjoyed the hiking trails to the ocean and the lighthouse. It was a picture perfect day! The sea was glistening. 

The island was a fun place to explore. 

We had so much fun! The weather was perfect. Our Captain was very informative and helpful. 

When You Schedule Your Trip / Destination to Cape Lookout National Seashores -  Go to the Island Express Ferry Service plan one of these trips: 

Shackle ford Banks Wild Horses by CarolinaMama 
1) Beaufort to Shackleford Banks; 
2) Harkers Island to Cape Lookout Lighthouse; and 
3) Harkers Island to Shackleford Banks. 

What To Bring on the Island Express Ferry Service: 
  • Water
  • Trash bags
  • Hand sanitizer and/or wet wipes
  • Sunblock, hat and sunglasses are essential.
  • Travel light. Carry-ons are allowed for a small fee. However space is limited. Small backpacks and coolers are best. 
  • Small coolers permitted (42 quart limit).
  • Lightweight compact folding chairs and umbrellas are permitted.
  • Limit two fishing poles per passenger. Hooks must be removed before boarding. 
  • Carry-on items subject to search before boarding.
  • There are no trash receptacles, so plan to bring back everything you take.
  • Drinks, snacks or picnic lunch.
  • Insect Repellant.
  • Pets allowed on the boats for an nominal fee, but remember that all pets must remain on leashes 6' or shorter.
What NOT to Bring: 
  • Due to restricted space, large items such as wagons, non-folding luggage carriers, unbagged folding chairs, huge strollers, etc. will be accommodated as space permits for an additional charge. 
  • Glass bottles and containers are prohibited. 
  • Highly flammable liquids, including propane, are not allowed on the boats. 
  • Spear guns prohibited. 
To book the Island Express Ferry Service, go here for Rates and Service. 
The Ferry takes you to these Shores .... :)

Frolicking at Cape Lookout Seashore with Shakleford Banks in the distance
by CarolinaMama 

Cape Lookout Lighthouse Information is here. 

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is open for climbing from the second week in May to the third weekend in September. Self-guided tours of up to 10 people* will begin every 15 minutes during the hours of operation. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. You may plan accordingly. The website lists ONLY three (3) Sundays in the Summer when the Lighthouse is open. The Memorial Weekend, the 4th of July Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is CLOSED ON MONDAYS. 

Important: Plan your Cape Lookout Lighthouse visit WiTH your Island Express Ferry Service. The Captain is great to keep a list and times for departure so you know when to be ready at the dock. 

Have a beautiful time. We certainly enjoyed so much of the natural beauty and history of this entire area thanks to the convenience and comfort of Island Express Ferry Services. 

We LOVE #MyCrystalCoast 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Island Express Ferry Services  .  All opinions are my own. 

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