New Netflix Series: DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge Teaser - Netflix [HD]

"Hiccup and Toothless are back in an all-new action packed series 
DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. Their quest: to explore strange new worlds, seek out never-before-seen dragons and end the war between Vikings and dragons once and for all. All episodes arrive only on Netflix, June 26."

We got so excited when we found out about the fun new series on Netflix.  We love How To Train Your Dragon! And Netflix has created their own Series called Dragons: Race to the Edge. 
We are so thrilled. Check out the teaser video ... it looks just like the movie! 

We loved Toothless and Hiccup and all the excitement of How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2. So now, on June 26th, Netflix has a Series coming to Netflix. How fun is that! Check it out these episodes. They are all available only on Netflix.  If you or your children love How to Train Your Dragon, this will be a real treat on the 26th of this month. 

White Collar Netflix CarolinaMama 

Otherwise, when I get a full minute or two, I have enjoyed some of the Gilmore Girls series. Our boys love the series, White Collar.  White Collar is about a detective who is needing a criminal to help him with his detective work as an FBI Agent. Our boys like this kind of mystery.  Hurry and watch it while you can. White Collar 6 is set to release on Netflix July 4th. Get all of the latest on the List of Movies and TV shows arriving and leaving Netflix here. :) 

That is the fun thing about Netflix, they are always working to bring you fun and exciting series and shows. Check it out and enjoy some fun series and shows. 

 Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix. All opinions are my own. #NetflixDreamTeam

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