7 Reasons Tieks Are The Best

Spring is in full fashion here. Sunshine, Flowers, the Birds and Bees are all shining brightly. It is always exciting to bring on the been Spring fashion!

Spring means one thing.... it's Tieks Time! We love our Tieks. Check out the 7 Reasons Tieks Are the Best in Mom Fashion:

CarolinaMama Tieks

1) Tieks are really that comfortable. Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. Tieks were made for the in-between of High Heels. Guess what? I LOVE my Tieks way more than an uncomfortable pair of heels. One of my very favorite pair are my Cardinal Red Tieks. Fall in love also....

2) They have every beautiful color under the sun! We LOVE the variety of colors at Tieks. One of my favorite pair is the Clover Green. I love this preppy and classic Kelly Green look. 

Carolina Mama Tieks
3) Tieks really are SO portable.  Here is a great Pinterest picture of the lovely Blue Azure Snake Tieks. I LOVE these. I we are these for an extra special look. They are packaged in a simple black draw string bag that is smaller than my Coach wallet I love. So drop them in your bag and walk until your hearts content. Wear your heels if you can break away from your Tieks. I never do. Okay, rarely which leads me to my next point....

4) They are Elegant. Typically, people consider Tieks as their transition shoes. For me, they are my shoes. With this beautiful Italian Leather, I choose Tieks for most of my outfits. Why torture myself when I can walk in style with classics like this.

5) Tieks are SO versatile. You can even wear them on a bike ride.  Yes, I have. They are simple and classic and no-nonsense. They only thing I worry about if I bike in my Tieks, I just don't want to "muss" them up. They are too cute to be ruined. So a quick spin to town for a date is perfect. 

6) Tieks are UNIQUE. Look at the beautiful patterns. So you can stock up on the beautiful solid colors and you can enjoy these favorites in Leopard Print. I have these and they are my go to for fun with my Black and White ensemble. You've seen before how I love a classic black and white with a pop of red, pink or gold.  Or ,voila, Leopard Print! 

7) Because Oprah's Favorite Things! Stay with me. We all know Oprah has great tastes. So, she is right about this one! I LOVE these Wild Copper Tieks. SO does Ms. Oprah. 

CarolinaMama Oprah Tieks
Tieks are not your everyday $19 plastic flat. They are worth investing some money in the Italian leather. And car like this.... lol Really, it is fun to enjoy my Favorite Things, too. And Tieks top the list. I am no longer a flip flop girl in Summer. I prefer the classy comfort of a supple Tiek in one of they many beautiful colors. 

Do you love Tieks? Ballet Flats? Let me know if you have tried them.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure :  This post is sponsored by Tieks. I have worked with them for a while and LOVE their ballet flats. Periodically, I share the love over again. All opinions are my own. 


Anonymous said...

I love them. I guess my sister loved them as much as I do, because she pinched mine! Guess that's as good a reason as any to invest in another pair!

Danielle Mast said...

Do your light colored ones get dirty?

Danielle Mast said...

Do your light colored ones get dirty?