What I Love About My Middle School Kids

We're right in the middle. The middle of Middle School. Some days, I cannot even believe how we're here already. Others, it feels like we've been hanging out here....  When you're in the middle, you know the trials and triumphs. Middle school is not just puberty, insecurities and teenager angst. These Middle Schoolers are moving forward with incredible tenacity. 

Recently, these Middle School parents "got out" for a date.  My husband and I had the best Valentine's date at DPAC - Durham Performing Art's Center's - A Night with Harry Connick, Jr.  His music is wonderful and enchanting especially as we parent in the middle school years. Like these apropos lyrics - 

"we're right in the middle, ain't young, ain't old... 
but we're telling the greatest love story ever told." 

Truly, I believe this. We are. We're telling the greatest love story ever told. Ours. And that of our children. Our family.  Honestly, I love knowing this. And capturing the moments because they are fleeting. This made me want to share what I love about my Middle Schoolers.

What I Love About My Middle School Kids:

1) They Have Courage.  They possess a courage that some adults only dream of having.  Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one; it is strength in the face of pain or grief. They have great courage. The bravery they show on a day to day basis humbles me.

2) They Are Big Dreamers. I love this. They want to change the world because they are big dreamers. They can see the big picture. They believe. They are not jaded by society's limitations. They dream big and they know they can achieve it. I love that they are eager to work and dream outside of the box.

3) They Try Again, and Again. They are diligent - every day. Remember Middle School? Those are some tough days, and these kids, they are up for the occasion. They work hard, they try hard. Then, they try again. Be careful, you don't want to miss it. Because with everything going on, it could be missed. Give them credit for their endurance.

4) They are Independent. The best thing is that they are learning to be independent. For parents, it can be the hardest thing, as they step away onto their own path that will eventually take them on their own. It's like a Tale of Two Cities...the best of times, the worst of times. As a Mom of twin Middle Schoolers, I get to experience this double amplified. So, I'll admit, I can find it wonderful and worrisome. Yet, my children are right where they are supposed to be. They are wonderfully moving to their own independence. I'm learning and I love this. Most days. :)

5) They Are Compassionate.  Yes. I said that - Middle Schoolers Are Compassionate. They care. They love big. Really, they love animals, elderly, and children. Their BFFs and their BAEs. Even their parents and teachers. They love God and each other. I love their big hearts. Let's give them credit for who they are.

Today, I was driving down the road with one of my Middle Schoolers and we had this moment. These moments. And I realized how mature (maturing :) and bright they are. How they want to change the world. I was reminded we are right in the middle of this Middle School thing and I was reminded how much I love my Middle School Kids.

Are you a Middle School parent? Have you been? I hope this is helpful for the parents with rising Middle Schoolers. Bless you and your journey.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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