5 Ways I Will Dwell in 2015

As I look back over the past year, 2014 was one year we'll always remember learning to love God and serve him unabashedly and wholeheartedly.

                   "Love of God is pure when joy and 
             suffering inspire an equal degree of gratitude."  
                           Mary Beth Chapman "Choosing to See" 

In 2012, I thought I understand this quote. It was a joyous message in our family Christmas card. We lost my mother that year. I understood the joy of her home going, and the agonizing suffering of seeing her go.  I recall the unfamiliar realization that I am parentless. After a lifetime of amazing parents, they were reunited in heaven. Yet, the loss here was powerful. Painful.

As a Christian, I know in my head and heart that God loves me and cares for me and will see me through anything in this life. We will have joy and suffering. The thing I have to remember is having experienced both, I have not crossed a bridge that I will not visit again.

Even though I read it most days, His word comforts and carries me yet there is something uncanny about the surprise I have when trials come.  The expectation when joy is born.

2014 reminded me of this.  So much so that I catapulted into 2015 eager for a different year. I don't know fully what I wanted to be different because 2014 was filled with a richness you do not get to experience every year. Many family and friends were a real part of this. We're thankful. Yet, I held my breath through January to make sure 2014 was out of my rear view window.

As a writer, I do love a crisp, clear New Year. I love new goals, resolutions and calendars. And, I love to choose a word to focus upon. Somewhere in the midst of it all, God began to whisper to me to "Dwell."

In my humanity, I thought this was too simple. Too still. Inactive. I mean to have a good year, we have to "do." I have to be moving, in motion, changing the world. And He said, to change the world, do what I call you to do and I want you to Dwell.  So part of January, as I checked my rear view mirror to assure myself 2014 was fading gone. I began to consider Dwell ... as He would have it everything was turning up Dwell.  So, I began to Dwell. 

5 Ways I Will Dwell in 2015:  Please join me if you will.

"Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture." Psalm 37:3

1) Dwell: to remain for a time with my people. 
Consider this. To remain. Thanks for bearing with me, as a Writer, I take it right to Merriam-Webster just like my Daddy taught me.  To remain for a time.  To stay with the same person or group when others have gone. To continue unchanged.

Lord, may I dwell this 2015 where you want me to dwell. May I make others matter because I have remained. May I remain unchanged in the things that matter. My faith in you. My love for my family and my people that you have put in my life.

2) Dwell: to live as a resident. 
May I live my life as a resident. Working regularly and earnestly in this place you have put me. May I consider it joy regardless of blessing or trial. 

3) Dwell: To keep the attention directed. 
May I keep the attention to the things you have directed before me. Or people.  May they get the attention they need from me. The meals. The Laundry. The carpool. The lists.  The things. The love. This life. May I be vigilant to give direct attention by your leading and with a vigor from you. 

4) Dwell: to speak or write insistently. :) 
Thank you, Lord. I feel like this one is there just for me and all the other writers out there. Speakers.  To speak and write insistently. The 'full' definition from our friends, Merriam-Webster, said that insistently is compelling attention. This year, may I dwell insistently compelling attention in speaking and writing. I love this. May my speech and writing be compelling. 

"May your speech be seasoned with salt that you may know how to give an answer to every man." Colossians 4:6 

5) Dwell in the Possibilities.
Yes, I am pretty fascinated with Dwell, 2015 and the possibilities.  Our 17th Wedding Anniversary year together and parenting these young men. Our Family. God's hand in our lives. Dwell. 

May the Lord bless and keep your family and my you Dwell in your own possibility this 2015. Let me know what your 2015 is looking like. What is your focus?

"Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. ..."  Psalm 23:6 

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Heidi haynes said...

Beautifully written!!! Xo

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Such a beautiful post.Lots of wonderful things for you to come in 2015.