Mango Health Medication and Supplement Reminders APP Medication Management

Mango Health APP is a FREE APP that helps family and friends of loved ones with illnesses, or those who want to manage their healthy lifestyle with vitamin supplements, manage their medication effectively and easily!  LOVE IT!  We checked it out this weekend!  And I did not miss any of my vitamins! :)

Mango Health APP  just made medication and natural supplements management easy!  So happy that I ran across this APP this weekend.

Do you know someone who was recently diagnosed with an illness that requires medication?  Do you or your family members forget to take their vitamins? How about an APP that tracks and reminds you!?!  That's Mango Health!

You can download this FREE APP! and set it up easily for your Rx medications and vitamin supplements in no time.  Also, a family member can download the APP and set reminders to help a family member or friend remember their medications.

And it is FUN!  You can ear rewards. How awesome is that!

1) Mango Health ALERTS you or family members to take medications and supplements!  This is so awesome. You set it up and go. There is also a reminder alert you can click if you need 15 minutes to take your meds or vitamins.

2) Earn Points towards rewards and discounts by sticking to your schedule.  This is so fun. Award Gift Cards for Target! Gap and Whole Foods!  Talk about a little fun motivation.

3) Get Informed - LOVE that they offer Helpful Medication information in the right format, wherever you need it.

4) Track and View your Activity. The comprehensive Journal of medication and supplement activity is so helpful. We love being able to track and click "I took it." :)  This is awesome!

5) Refill Reminders and Updates!  This is so awesome to help remember an actual prescription that is running out.  The alerts are so helpful for this.

 How helpful is that!  The Mango Health APP will give a real time count of quantity on hand and ensures no missed doses.

I hope this is helpful to you and your family and friends. We found it wonderful and plan to keep using it. I can't wait to win my first Target card! :)  And the worry is gone.  No more, "Did I take it?"  Check your Mango Health APP for "I took it."

Will you or someone you love find this helpful?! Let us know!  And enjoy!  We think it is wonderful.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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