Toyota Highlander 2014 Review

We were so thrilled to Test Drive the Toyota Highlander.  We fell in love with the Highlander rather quickly.  And we caught the motto rapidly, as well: "Let's Go Places."  And go we did.  It was very comfortable, practical and luxurious with all of its wonderful features.   I have heard so many great things about the Highlander and have friends who love it.  It was fabulous to get to test drive the Highlander for ourselves.  Here's our review.

For fun, check out the Muppets love of the Highlander and some of its features.


One of our favorite features is the abundance of windows and sunroofs.  This made for a beautiful ride and we loved checking out all of the views. The moon roof and sunroof were so fun for our boys. We road tripped to Charlotte, North Carolina in the Highlander and were so comfortable.

The Technology was fabulous for everyone.  We LOVED the backup camera. These are so accurate now. And I love that, along with the mirrors, it gives me complete vision in the rear view. We loved the Bluetooth® with Streaming Music capabilities. This was so convenient to use with my iPhone. Our boys loved using it for our favorite Play Lists. Also, we enjoyed the Entune® App Suite and Audio. 

Here is my Boulder Mountain Man looking stellar with the Highlander at one of our favorite parks!  He enjoyed driving the Highlander.  He said, "It was fun and very comfortable. They designed 
this car with a comfortable driving experience in mind."

One of the amazing features is the Technical Features: "There are many things that make Highlander fun to drive. But technically it’s the redesigned double-wishbone rear suspension, enhanced handling and ride comfort."

For me, I was happy pairing two favorite things, my Starbucks and the Highlander driving 
experience!  I LOVED running errands these weeks. :)  Carpool, no problem. :) 

Also, we had plenty of space for everyone and all of our gear for the trip to Charlotte. The boys were thrilled with the extra USB ports and an actual plug electrical outlet!  Overall, life was very plush with the Highlander.

Lastly, we LOVED the Versatility of the Highlander.  Look at these features: 

Here is a great photo of the Highlander after our Color Vibe 5k! in Charlotte. Charlotte is about 2 and 1/2 hours from the Raleigh/Durham area. So the Highlander was outstanding for this road trip!

We were sponsored by Tum-E Yummies and they provided these terrific seat covers for after the race!  We were so happy to not worry about the color on the new Highlander! :)

 We had so much fun with all of the color stations in the Color Vibe 5k!  We want to run it again next year! :)  Charlotte is a blast!  Have you checked out Charlotte's Got A Lot!?

Now, we have the Toyota Highlander on our "Favorite Cars for Families" list! :)  Have you tried a Highlander? You will completely delight in the experience! We did. Thank you Toyota for having us work with you on this review. We love sharing our own opinions.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  Toyota Highlander sponsored this post. All opinions are my own. 

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