BJ's Wholesale Club NCAA Party Snacks

We LOVE March Madness!  Okay, it's a little less exciting this year since ALL of the Carolina teams are eliminated.  However, we can still have a fun NCAA Party because Kentucky is in the Final Four.

It wouldn't be a party without a fabulous dessert like this Coconut Layer Cake by Bj's.  I know, sorry to disappoint you it was not me with a new homemade Coconut Layer Cake.  Remember, I'll be watching the game and BJ's makes that easy with their incredible party snacks and desserts. 

BJ's Wholesale Club Coconut Layer Cake

We have mentioned before that we love working with BJ's Wholesale Club.  For a long time, we have been members and love their great finds.  This year, we are sharing our favorite NCAA Party Snacks from BJ's with you.  

Our boys still love the Dino Chicken Nuggets.  They are a white meat nugget and yes, they look like Dinos.  So it's a win-win.  Really, these are simple and easy and the closest thing to my grilling up some chicken breast myself.  

For the price of $10.49, you buy a large box of the Dino Chicken Nuggets.   These are great for nights when my boys have sports.  We just add salad or vegetables with some oven baked fries and milk.  They love me for it.   And of course, this is simple finger food for the NCAA Party and for Birthday parties. 

My husband loves the price of the milk.  We all do because our boys go through the milk.  So we usually pick up 2 or 3 gallons of milk at the great price of $3.29.  We add a lid and straw with some chocolate and it is the best party drink a child could want.

BJ's Milk Prices are Great

Pizza Rolls are another fun finger food for parties.  These have been a long time favorite in my husband's family.  Again, this large box of 70 pizza rolls is a special of $9.29. 

We LOVE Sushi.  So we added this great party tray of a variety of different sushi choices for $11.99.  These were tasty and abundant.  I love the variety at BJ's.

I was so happy with these tasty Multi-Grain Crackers that are Gluten Free.  We got them with sliced cheese for a hearty appetizer for pre-game.

We love shopping BJ's Wholesale Club.  Have you tried BJ's?  They are awesome for parties and every week necessities.   Check them out for your own NCAA Party Snacks! 

Also, BJ"s offers Gourmet Gift Baskets.  And one of our favorite perks of BJ's is that they offer Coupons.  We can get even better deals on items that are already discounted.  That's a win! 


FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by BJ's Wholesale Club. 

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Heidi Haynes said...

Wish we had a BJ's. That cake looks great! :)