Holiday Homeschool NCSU Veterinary School Field Trip

Who says we can't end the semester with a bang! The Tigers love animals. So they were more than thrilled to get to go on the North Carolina State University Veterinary School field trip with a group of home education families in our homeschool group.

I have to admit, I was pretty jazzed about it also.

NCSU Veterinary School, North Carolina

NCSU Vet School field trip was a stellar experience. They were so good to us. We had a great group. And our weather was absolutely perfect. The field trip was partially outdoors and partially indoors. Another group from our homeschool community had done the same field trip in November and unfortunately for them, it was raining the entire time. So we knew the disadvantages if it rained. We did not have to worry about that.

The class was awesome...

Yes, the Tigers are talking, more than ever, about becoming Veterinarians!

They were fascinated with the Horse and Pony that played endlessly - and the braid that the students put in the horse's mane.

We could not have ordered more perfect weather. Or happier 3rd Graders.

I think they would be happy with this field trip on a weekly basis. We really did learn a ton.

Did you know a Giraffe's neck is the same length as ours/a human's?


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creative gal said...

I would like that field trip! :) Glad you had good weather.