March Showers

Fortunately, we got a rain that was truly needed.  We're still working on that drought deficit.
It made for some good family time on Saturday.  Then Sunday was a normal sunny day but
oh so c.o.l.d.  Spring must be around the corner. 
Meanwhile, I've discovered another great reason to wear hip pregnancy clothes,
Ann Taylor Maternity clothes.  Every expectant Mama wants to look and feel awesome while
awaiting their bambino.  Go to: and signup to win a pop to your
Spring Maternity wardrobe.
In most important news, the Tigers are about to lose three of the four front teeth very soon.  I
can hardly stand it.  And that forth one, we lost it about two weeks ago.  It's almost more than I
can take in - the Cherubs are growing up.  Handsome they are.  So this Monday I'll start embracing
the next stage - in an attempt to brace myself all at once! 

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